24 October 2011

{Guest Post} Mary O’Connell

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Today we welcome author of The Sharp Time, Mary O’Connell to our blog.  We are kicking off this The {Teen} Book Scene tour with a This or That list from this wonderful author, and hope you’ll join us later when we share a review of the book!  Special thank you to Mary O’Connell for being a part of our blog today!

We asked Mary to pick her preferences from a list we gave that contained about ten different this-or-that questions. If she wanted, she could explain why she picked some of the answers too!

MaryOConnellActs of Revenge -or- Acts of Courage

Acts of Courage. The main character in The Sharp Time, Sandinista, is tempted to indulge in a desperate act of revenge, but she also chooses to help someone in need, which is the most courageous thing any of us can do.

Banshees -or- Zombies

I will say…Banshees!

Greek Mythology -or- Norse Mythology

Greek Mythology. But, really, they are both pretty spectacular.

Pop Punk (like Green Day) -or- Celtic Punk (like Flogging Molly)

I’ve worshipped the Pogues forever, so I’ll have to go with Celtic Punk.

e-Books -or- Physical copies

I love bookstores: physical copies, hands down.

Sunrise -or- Sunset

Sunset, as I’m not a morning person.

Social Networking Sites -or- Old school calling/hanging out to socialize

Old school all the way! Though I do spend too much time on Facebook…

Bagels -or- Donuts

I will say Bagels, for sentimental reasons. I met my husband in New York City and he once took me for a warm salt bagel and hot chocolate on a misty winter morning: The best breakfast I’ve ever had.

Magazines - or- Newspapers

Newspapers. When I was growing up, we had the newspaper delivered in the morning and the evening: The Kansas City Star and The Kansas City Times.

Self fulfillment -or- Self discovery

Self Discovery. Why not keep learning?

Half empty -or- Half full

Half full! Well, I do try…

Taking small steps -or- Leaping in full force

Definitely leaping in full force. Though sometimes taking small steps is a wiser course…

Such fun questions! Thanks!

Thanks again to The {Teen} Book Scene for including us on this tour, and Mary O’Connell for having some fun with this post! Be sure to check out the rest of the tour!

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