Friday, October 21, 2011

{Blog Tour + GIVEAWAY} Dark Eden by Patrick Carman

Welcome to the official Dark Eden blog tour!
Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate the publication of Dark Eden, available everywhere November 1st, this month author Patrick Carman will be visiting blogs to share spooky guest posts and sneak peeks from his brand new book and app.
When Will Besting approaches Fort Eden for the first time, he knows something isn't right. With more terrifying secrets at every turn he discovers a hidden fear deep inside himself, a dark mystery a thousand years in the making, and the unexpected girl of his dreams. But can he save everyone from the dangers of Fort Eden before it's too late?

My first thought, the moment I finished this book was: Movie, Please! The idea’s, concepts and story line with in Dark Eden is too wonderful to not be set up on the big screen! While there isn’t any movie in the works (that I know of!) we do get some amazing, fun and creepy extras along with Dark Eden the novel.
For instance, the series is enhanced by a downloadable app that enriches the elements of the traditional narrative through innovative story artifacts including still images, audio recordings, videos, scans, and text entries.
Find the iPhone and Android apps
Also, HarperCollins has made a FEAR TEST, that we are proud to present – take the test find out what your deepest fears are and don’t forget to follow the rules!!!! I took it and it scared the pants off me. I had to stop a few times in fact before I could get all the way through!

Take it! And tell me what YOUR results were in the contest form (NOT COMMENTS!) Want to know what I’m scared of – besides the Fear Test itself creeeepie! – The Dark. That was my result. And it was cool to see Rainsford, the person who runs Dark Eden, at the end.
The book is amazing, it get 5 Birds from me – I can’t think of a thing that I didn’t like. And to prove it to you, I’m giving away some swag…..The Dark Eden ARC, T-shirt (size M, men’s type fit), a lanyard and book mark – because TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY and I want to give YOU gifts!!!!

You can catch my review later this week, for a full run down of Dark Eden and what I thought!

Take the Fear Test, then enter this awesome contest!!! Only one thing is required to enter, follow us here at MMSAI!note: one of the ways to earn 4 extra entries is to take the test and tell me your fear in the form…so do it! 

Watch the Trailer:

Follow Patrick Carman on Twitter and visit the official Dark Eden website."

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  2. That was sooooooooooooooo cool! Thanks and yes I did feel the fear!
    Great giveaway!

  3. I like this giveaway. What a great idea! Btw, for my first entry, something weird happened and it submitted it before I was done typing. My KFC name is: pandalovesyou.

    I fear heights, but i could have told you that before taking the test!

  4. Wow, that was so awesome! And my result at the end? Pretty darn true. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. That was a great of the best made I've done. And I have to say, it may be kind of accurate, I do tend to avoid People.

    Jennelle S

  6. That was some test! Wow. I'm afraid of the dark!

  7. i m a ladder and i am afraid of heights yea but i love to check out
    scary thing


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