Saturday, September 10, 2011

{Guest Post} Karen Kincy

Today we welcome Karen Kincy to our blog as part of The {Teen} Book Scene’s tour for “Bloodborn”!   She has graciously given us a fun topic to cover: Teenage Garage Sale!


Want to know what Karen would have at her garage sale of items from her teenage years?  Well, she gave us a little insight to what would be available for purchase.  Keep in mind, she could give us no less than 7 things.

Karen: First, let’s assume I didn’t actually want any of my stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I liked my stuff, still do, and probably wouldn’t sell it! But if I did, you would find:

1. Books! Of course. But I’ll bet you’d like to know which ones. In my teens, I read anything and everything. So there would be YA novels, classics, nonfiction books on string theory and rare golden spruce trees, a giant dictionary of etymology I got for Christmas—but I doubt I’d be selling that, my prize tome, in a yard sale. For those who don’t know, a dictionary of etymology is a book of word origins. Makes sense why I went on to major in linguistics at college.

2. Clothes. Ah, yes, we all have clothing from way back when that we’d rather never seen again. I actually still have (and wear) some of it, horrifically enough. It’s a weird mix of nicer clothes and nasty holey stuff that I used for running around in the forest on the full moon. I’m not joking. My little sisters and I liked to annoy the neighbors by howling.

3. Plants—but you’d really have to pry these out of my cold, dead fingers. Ahem. I started growing some orange and kumquat trees from seeds in my teens, and I still have the trees now, though they’ve of course grown considerably. I refer to them as my plantlings, and they inhabit more space than I do in my apartment. The citrus trees have been joined by spider plants, a Venus flytrap, miniature roses, pineapple plants, jalapeño plants, heirloom tomatoes, rosemary bushes, etc., etc.

4. Books. Wait, did I already do this one? Seriously, though, I had a lot of books. You might also find some of my books, or at least my earliest attempts at them. These wrinkly-papered manuscripts would be lying around in heaps. Don’t come back complaining if you discover that a manuscript ends abruptly on page 71—I never finished most of these stories, and all sales are final!

5. Photography odds and ends. Though I highly doubt my dad would appreciate me selling any of it, since I borrowed nearly all of it from him until I got my own digital camera one birthday. I spent many hours stalking insects and mushrooms (well, mushrooms don’t move, but you get the idea) in my backyard. I still do, actually, though I’ve broadened my subjects a little. Look:

6. Computer games. Old ones, and bunches of them. I started gaming before I knew what “gaming” was. I played a massive quantity of Maxis games like SimCity, SimAnt, SimFarm, SimEarth, SimLife, SimCopter, etc. I’m pretty sure there’s a connection between my love of creative build-your-own-world games and my desire to build a fictional world within a novel. Only, instead of me defeating enemy ant colonies or putting out burning apartment buildings, I make my characters do that sort of thing.

7. Toys sewn by me. I still sew little plush creatures occasionally, though not in vast quantities. Assuming my mom wasn’t still lovingly hoarding the toys I’d given her (sometimes after she stole them), you might find a fuzzy toy zombie with button eyes, a black werewolf toy, a tiny white moth with fabric wings, and various other creatures of intense cuteness. Nowadays, since I’m so much more mature and accomplished, I have sewn myself a toy pooka:

And that is what you would find at Karen Kincy’s Teenage Garage Sale! Be sure to keep following along with this tour. 

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Thanks for joining us!

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