04 August 2011

{Book Review} Saving Zoe

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Saving Zoe
Author: Alyson Noel
Pages: 230
Published: September 4, 2007
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Format: Paperback
Rating: 5 Birds

It’s been one year since the brutal murder of her older sister, Zoë, and fifteen-year-old Echo is still reeling from the aftermath. Her parents are numb, her friends are moving on, and the awkward start to her freshman year proves she’ll never live up to her sister’s memory. Until Zoë’s former boyfriend Marc shows up with Zoë’s diary.
At first Echo’s not interested, doubting there’s anything in there she doesn’t already know. But when curiosity prevails, she starts reading, becoming so immersed in her sister’s secret world, their lives begin to blur, forcing Echo to uncover the truth behind Zoë’s life so that she can start to rebuild her own.
Prepare to laugh your heart out and cry your eyes out in this highly addictive tale as Alyson Noël tackles the complicated relationship between two sisters and shows how the bond can endure long after one of them is gone.
Now granted this book was written almost exactly 4 years ago, I have been on a huge Alyson Noel kick after starting to catch up on all the books I’ve missed in between.  Saving Zoe was one of the first that caught my attention with no hold on where it might lead.
The beginning did start off kind of slowly, with a little bit of a backstory to who Echo was and why she was exactly the way she was.  It also gave a sense of who these best friends she had were and a few other people.
What was lacking at the beginning was the sense of adventure, but it was quickly followed in with Marc (Zoe’s boyfriend before her untimely death) who helped to reveal quite a few things through the handing over of Zoe’s diary.
I think the reason this hit closer to me is because of losing my brother when I was young as well, and it was also a mystery.  Now, granted nothing was the same way, it was something that was so deeply profound, that it captured every sense of me for a year, much like Echo is kind of ‘trapped’ in a sense for the first year.
There is so much in this book, from friendships, to relationship wonderings, to mystery, that it just grabs you and doesn’t let go until you think you’ve figured it out yourself.  And when you haven’t, it drags you back in.
Alyson’s style of writing in this book is very realistic, and flows easily throughout.  I think it’s definitely a book people need to read if they’ve ever lost someone and it’s still a mystery to them.  Some things really are better left unsolved.
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