20 August 2011

{Book Review} Lorelei and the Sirens

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Lorelei and the Sirens (The Sirens, Book #1)
Author: Aaronni Miller
Format: eBook
Pages: 135
Publisher: REKH Publishing Company
Published: July 17, 2011
Rating: 3 Birds

Lorelei Twila Adams is from the McAdams line of sirens in Ireland and as the second generation in America Lorelei must never fall in love, never let her beauty mark burn (a means of surveillance), and she must practice perfect restraint at all times; to her great chagrin. Lorelei abhors the stifling gaze of her over-protective mother and gets a breath of fresh air when Ellis Latif McMillan, the new boy, shows up at Harry P. Strange High School. With hypnotic, crystal-blue eyes Lorelei stumbles into talking to Ellis at school, trips when he writes a poem about her, and falls in love with him when she sneaks out to meet him late one night, but her days are numbered soon after. Lorelei's family finds out about Ellis and her; they call for her immediate trial to determine her guilt. Lorelei runs away with Ellis; she knows the outcome if her family finds her. Lorelei's first taste of love will either set her free from the lies of her family or it will kill her and the boy she loves.

My take: I’m going to admit straight off the bat: This book was EXTREMELY hard to get into!  It was just so sluggish to start that I kept wondering “when will this get interesting”.  I want to put it out there that Aaronni had a well written character in Lorelei…but the story itself was just lacking that drive in the beginning that made you go “ooh what will happen next!”

I liked the way that the sirens were written in a factor of having so many rules and regulations – which you’ll see later if they really are a factor.  I’m a huge lover of fiction with sirens because generally in mythology, so that wasn’t a far stretch.  When mythology speaks of them being the most beautiful and sought out – Lorelei and the Sirens doesn’t stray from that facet.

My favorite character in this book is definitely Ellis though.  He’s not really hugely known/shown in the beginning, but going through and back on it, he is just like, that “ooh, I bet he’s really good, and he’s going to do something epic!” type guy.  So he just made sense.

The thing that I’m wondering for further in the series after this book though, is wonderment at one of Lorelei’s sisters…to see if she’ll sway sides or if she’ll stay where she is.  She had that sense of humanity and it was like “will she, won’t she?” So I’d like to see her played out more.

Overall, the book was hard to get into, but I ended up really liking nearer the end when things developed and the family story and Ellis broke out as either stars, or less then lovely.

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