26 July 2011

{Top Ten Tuesday} 14

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. It was created because of their love of lists, and I myself love lists as well - so you will see it frequently popping up on MMSAI.

Everyone is welcome to join in, and don't worry if you can't think of 10 - just do as many as you can. And of course, be sure to link back to TBATB (and leave me a link here too!) on your post!

as always they are in no particular order

This Weeks Topic Is:

Top Ten Books Tackling Tough Issues

Rosmelie reading list

1) Sister Mischief by Laura Goode - definitely tackles some tough stuff. From being lesbian to being in high school...dealing with relationships and misunderstandings. I think it's fair game in tackling a few tough issues.

2) Flyaway by Helen Landalf - dealing with being fifteen and taking care of yourself, while your mother is a meth addict - pretty much sums up the story and why it would be tough in any realm.

3) Sweep by Cate Tiernan - Although completely fictional, dealing with having grown up believing you're completely a part of one family, only to find out you were adopted and dealing with being an actual witch - it deals with the issues of mind games that people can play with you.

4) 44 by Jools Sinclair - Again, fictional completely, but learning to know that things aren't exactly how they seem and dealing with depression.

5) Enders Game by Orson Scott Card - I haven't personally read this but a few of my coworkers said this covered tough issues.

6) Divergent by Veronica Roth - having to choose where you want to end up in life at a young age can't be easy on anyone.

7) The Hunger Games - Dealing with going into an arena, just to survive life, and having to decide if you'll be the one to kill others can't be easy in any aspect.

and yea that's pretty much all I have on that topic.

amber reading list

I don’t do realistic fiction very often, I prefer to keep my feet firmly planted in the land of make believe where my character's fight zombies and what not. Those of course pose their own “tough issues”. Some of these are on my TBR list, but I have not read them yet and I am trying to veer away from the Fantasy genre on the list as best I can.

1) Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma – absent parents, kids forced to raise their siblings, and incest. Doesn’t get any tougher then this. By far one of my favorite and most unexpected reads of this year!

2) Shine by Lauren Myracle – I know this was on the list last week too – but this book delves into bullying and it’s effects and I think this was a great read!

3) Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson – I have not yet read this book, but I have seen the movie which I hear is a very good adaptation of it. Dealing with depression and rape.

4) My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult – great illness of your sister and the guilt and physical pain that comes with trying to save her, while trying to save yourself at the same time.

5) Will Grayson Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green – dealing with sexual orientation. I have not yet read it but here wonderful things about this novel.

6) Any and all Sarah Dessen books from what I am told. I own a few but have not yet read them, some deal with teenaged pregnancy, mental illness, relationships. All tough subjects for teens and even adults out there too!

7) On the Jelicoe Road by Melina Marchette – car accident and dealing with loss. Fantastic book, if you’ve not read it add it to your TBR it was an amazing novel.

8) Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler – deals with injureies to a star athlete and the struggle to get back up on that horse called life and make it still count. Also touched on the hardships in relationships and love both with in family and romantically.

9) Bumped by Megan McCafferty – a fictional book set in a dystopian world where a disease prevents anyone over 18 to conceive. The chore falls to young girls 13-18 to take on the role and be “mated”, for lack of a better term with whomever is chosen for them. Teenaged pregnancy is tough enough, add into it that it’s now forced for the sake of the worlds population….This was an intriguing read I was not expecting to enjoy. I was actually rather disgusted when I read the blurb but I am happy I read it!

10) The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder – I wasn’t a fan of how the book was written in little “poems” but the jist of the story is fantastic. Living each moment like it’s their last, this book deals with family dynamics, adoption, health issues. I wish it wasn’t written the form it had been because I think I would have loved it, insteado f just liked it.

What’s your TTT?
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  1. Those are great lists. I read and enjoyed Speak but it is definitely hard for me to read tough reads. I know that it is necessary but I'm too emotional.

    I really want to read Divergent now that I finished the Hunger Games.


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