26 July 2011

{Book Review} Watched

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Author: Sharde Richardson
Format: eBook
Pages: 180
Published: May 30, 2011
Rating: 4 Birds

Mikayla doesn’t want much: just to rock out to her favorite band, become the next Kwiki Stop video gaming champion, and keep her Q-tip habit under control. What she does want is the sight of the sudden inexplicable dark auras around everyone to stop. Problem is, those auras are demons and Mikayla is the last trait holder with the power to ban them. Which is a total buzz kill.
To make matters worse, the town folk of Sulphur Springs don’t look the same, and her classmates are a little dark in the eyes. There are murders, suicides, reckless skinny-dipping, gratuitous use of Q-tips, and newfound powers that Mikayla must learn to control.
Her past becomes present when a shape-shifter tells her what her true identity is, and how to keep the demons of Hell from nipping at her Converse. Through him she’ll discover who to trust, who to kiss, and how valuable her abilities are to the right beings. Because the evils of Hell aren’t staying down without a fight.

My take: Okay, I’ll admit when I first got the email even asking “Are you interested” my first though when I saw the words “Demon” and “Converse” were – Yes and Please! Being a huge fan of the supernatural thanks to a little television show a few years back just made this book stand out straight away for me.

I’ll admit, when I first started reading the book, it didn’t even really feel like ‘reading’ if that makes any sense. No? Eh, if only you all could pick my brain! Anyway, it was just this sense of like “alright so here’s the chick who’s sorta normal and something bad happens to her.” And when I say something bad, I don’t just mean – yea she failed a test, or her life just plain blows, but I actually mean bad as in she (Mikayla) ends up in the hospital with no real recollection of everything surrounding her.

So in short, the beginning of the book was kind of strange and off kilter, but not in a bad way! Then, skip to a “couple months later” and you get this new person involved – Lucas. Now even I have to admit, when Lucas is first introduced to the story, he’s kind of this big, scary, weird dude and you can’t help but be sort of creeped out!

In turn though, he comes into play more and more over a few chapters and you just can’t help but like him for some strange reason! Maybe it’s the way Sharde wrote him, or maybe it’s in the way that he’s seen through Mikayla’s eyes. Like, you know he’s sort of dangerous, but that he would never hurt you. It’s very confusing, again though, not in a bad way!

After all this sort of semi-normal stuff happens, we’re introduced to different types of demons, other beings (like witches, vampires, leprachauns even) and it just twists and turns from there.

By the end of the book, I was honestly left very puzzled by Mikayla and Lucas’ relationship. They were partners in crime in a way, but there was also so much more to them together – yet we don’t find out the full fledged details because it’s something Mikayla (and perhaps author Sharde Richardson) really don’t want us to know or reveal.

So all in all, I liked this book. From it’s honest way of writing to the different on-goings throughout, there was always something interesting happening that kept me on the edge of my seat. There was never truly a dull moment!

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  1. I just finished reading this book like.. 2 days ago and am yet to write my review. I loved it. I think even I liked it a tiny bit more than book one of Mortal Instruments! The beginning was indeed quite weird and I wasn't sure where Sharde was going with this story, but by the time I reached the end of it, I was totally in love.

    Great review, glad you liked it too!

  2. That sounds like an interesting concept Wanting to be a video game camp got caught my attention ^_~ Thanks for the review! Honestly, the confusing beginning kind of turns me off, but the rest of your review really puts that at ease.

    sinn @ sinnful books

  3. great honest review! I have had my eye on this one since I saw that beautiful cover!


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