22 July 2011

{Book Review} Eternity

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Eternity (Fallen Angel #2)
Author: Heather Terrell
Pages: 294
Format: Paperback/Blog Tour
Published: June 28, 2011
Publisher: HarperTeen
Rating: 4 Birds

The end . . . or a new beginning?

As Ellie comes to grips with her destiny as the Elect One, her relationship with Michael grows tense. When she meets a mys­terious boy named Rafe, things get even more complicated.

Yet the time has come for the Elect One to stand against the group of evil fallen angels who are bent on destroying the world. In order to face the immeasurable malevolence heading her way, Ellie tries to put her personal life aside. But she soon learns that whoever holds her heart also holds the key to mankind’s salvation—or destruction. As the end days approach, Ellie is faced with an epic decision. Who does her heart really belong to? And is her love strong enough to save the world?

My take: After soaring through the first book (review to come later on that), I quickly dove into Eternity. I was intrigued by the prospect of another Fallen Angels type novel (low and behold it actually is just that by title too) and I knew I had to jump at the chance.

Ellie – there are truly no words to describe her without being too “teenage angst”y sounding. She truly does hold that persona, but with the weight of the world, literally, on her shoulders. She’s unsure of herself more than she’s unsure of others at times…but then she’s completely unsure if love will stand the test of time as well with Michael.

Facing such a harsh reality of whether or not she can save the world with the help of her boyfriend, and fellow Nephilim, had to take a toll on not only her sanity, but mine as a reader as well. Following her dizzying ways of going from “what should I do” to “I should do this, and do it now” was terrifying at times, and relieving at others.

I really enjoyed the way each of the Fallen Angels played out and how they were to be eradicated. It was unlike any other angel/nephilim/any fallen book I’ve read before.

Michael and Rafe are two very well thought out male characters. You have Rafe who is on the side of good, but in that unknown space of whether or not he can be fully trusted…and then you have Michael who you really can never be sure about! He is close, yet so distant at times. It’s partly mind-boggling until the truth reveals itself at the end.

All in all, I have to say I truly enjoyed the way this all panned out from beginning to end. It was gripping, easy to read, and thoroughly enjoyable in a paranormal way.

Be sure to stop back on Monday, August 1st, for an awesome interview with Heather Terrell on her Book Picks! And don’t forget to check out all the other amazing blogs that are part of the tour!

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