23 July 2011

{Book Review} Between the Land and the Sea

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Between The Land and the Sea
Author: Derrolyn Anderson
Pages: 261
Format: eBook
Rating: 3 Birds

Something extraordinary is lurking in the deep ocean waters off the coast of Aptos, California. Just a few weeks after moving to the beach town, sixteen year old Marina has nearly drowned twice, enchanted the hottest guy in high school, and discovered a supernatural creature. If she can only manage to survive her dangerous encounters with unpredictable mermaids, she might just be able to uncover the mystery of her past and learn how to appease the mysterious forces that seem to want something from her... and maybe even find true love along the way

It’s official. I just can’t get into mermaid books. Don’t worry, it’s not really a spoiler to know there are mermaids in this novel, so call back your mob with their pitch forks and torches.

The story starts off good, it’s well paced and incredibly interesting. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be a well traveled high school senior, who may be upset that she has to co-mingle in a regular high school for the first time in her life and move away from her extravagant “Aunt” next door who lavishly dotes on her? I know I would sign up for that life in a heart beat, even if it meant going back to high school *shudders* (it’s my greatest fear to go back)

However, once we leave the big city and get to the small sea side town of Aptos with Marina, things get a little jumpy. Conversations feel unfinished, and often I felt like maybe I was on the outside looking in when Marina would talked to anyone. Conversations just didn’t feel like the authors strong suite when writing. I felt a little detached and left out when reading them. Like I was missing an inside joke or a major portion of the dialog that was never actually there. Maybe if this was a tv show, facial expressions would have been help in sorting out this one issue? I’m not sure.

Anderson does have a knack with imagery and it’s use through out the book is by far my favorite thing. It flows so smoothly from her and I enjoyed it ach and every time.

Also, for those of you not aware, this Aptos California the story takes place in – is real. Cement ship and all. I assume the following is the pier and ship (even though the ship is explained to be much bigger in the book, for reasons I totally understand) is what the author used as reference when writing. I got curious and looked it up :0)


Marina, as a protagonist is not my favorite. She seems rather dense for having been so well traveled and academic. I found myself saying to the book “Seriously?” when she would talk to the books heart throb Ethan wondering if the boy was going to have to wear a shirt proclaiming his interest in her before she would finally realize it. Crus is by far my favorite character in the book with his up beat style and witty come backs.

The book is getting 3 Birds, I don’t like mermaid books but it’s not this books fault that I don’t. The writing left things to be desired at times but the story line is strong and is interesting enough to keep me engaged.

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  1. I haven't read any mermaid books because I am totally wary of them, it's kind of silly since I can believe in anything else paranormal, but there is just something about mermaids that make me think "I don't think so" lol. Never heard of the book but it was a really good review ;)
    Tristan @Reads With Wreckless Abandon


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