26 July 2011

{Author Interview} Victoria Schwab + Giveaway

By: Me My Shelf And I | 26 July 2011 at 1:41 AM |
Dropping next week, at which time it will be available everywhere, is an amazing book by Victoria Schwab called The Near Witch.
I had the honor of reviewing it a while back (see review here) and compared it to the kind of thriller you might expect from M. Night. Shyamalan and it got a 4.5 Bird rating!
Read at home alone, at night at your own risk. I’m just saying….
MMSAI: Victoria, thank you so much for stopping in and doing an interview with Me, My Shelf and I. I am honored to have you on the blog!
VS: It’s so great to be here!

MMSAI: Your debut novel, The Near With drops soon, how are you feeling about it?
VS: READY. It’s been nearly two years since The Near Witch sold, and I am just so, so ready to be able to share it.

MMSAI: Do you have any pub day plans?
VS: My pub day plans will definitely consist of consuming massive quantities of sugar, and putting the internet as far from my fingertips as possible. Maybe I’ll just spend the day wandering a mall, or reading in a bookstore corner :)

MMSAI: Tell us a little bit about The Near With and where the inspiration for it came.
VS: The Near Witch is a fairy tale, a book of witch and ghosts, a story of wonder and fear and trust, strangers and magic. It came out of two sentences that bubbled up six months apart, “There are no strangers in the town of Near,” and “The wind on the moors is a tricky thing.”
Look, it’s the Near Witch…oh wait…nope that’s Victoria Schwab!
MMSAI: I know you changed your major a lot in college, 6 times if I am not mistaken, what made you choose to be an author, as a lot of your school choices were not necessarily related to writing in any way.
VS: Well, the thing about writing: I knew I wanted to do it, I’ve known that much for several years, but I didn’t know if I would be able to do it as a *profession*, hence the non-writing majors.

MMSAI: Anyone who follows you on twitter knows of your chocolate obsession and you ability to bake like a champ. What would you say is your favorite non-chocolate item to make?
VS: Oh man, I love chocolate. I can never believe when people say they don’t have any in the house, but that’s because I have a DRAWER in the pantry reserved for chocolate in its myriad glorious forms ;) As for NON-chocolate, I’d say oatmeal raisin florentine cookies :)

MMSAI: A little tradition here on MMSAI is a funny question, and so yours is:
If you were a super hero what would your power be, and why?
VS: If I could be a super hero, my power would definitely be invisibility. I’m an incredibly curious person, and any power that would let go places I’m not supposed to appeals to me. Plus, if I wanted to go the villain route, it would come in handy. Hard to see is hard to catch!

MMSAI: Before we go, do you have any profound life motto that you feel everyone should live by? Or just a dorky jumble of words that picks you up when you’re feeling down, that you’d like to share?
VS: I have a quote: “I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars still makes me dream.” --Van Gogh

MMSAI: Victoria thank you again, so much for doing this with us and letting everyone get to you know you a little better. I hope that the public enjoys the Near Witch as much as I did!
VS: Thank you so much for having me!
I insist you all put The Near Witch on your To Be Read list, and pre-order it now! I promise you that you will enjoy this stand alone novel, and crave things written by Victoria Schwab in the future!
In honor of the book coming out and just because she loves you all so much Victoria has put together a swag pack – and you can win it! YES YOU!
Included are magnets, book marks from several YA authors, The Near With Book Marks (of course!), Victorias autograph on a note card, and a pack of unRequired Reading Playing Cards from Disney/Hyperion…yay!

Extra entries can be gained by: crocheting me a Near With doll, buying me a brand new car, Getting me into the front row of the play Wicked and……naming your next child after both of us: Victoria Amber sounds AMAZING!!! Unless you have a boy in which case, I am sorry. (this is of course just me being silly…lol – just fill out the form!)
Tweet it and leave me a link to the actual tweet in the comments, with the name you entered with and I’ll toss you 2 extra entries!
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  1. I glad the Near Witch was so good! It is up next in my reading pile, I hope I love it as much as you do!

  2. Oops this is US and UK only right? Noticed after I filled in the form and hit enter. Sorry aBout that!

  3. You have a cute blog here! New follower also.


  4. Great interview and I really liked this book as well. I just realized I didn't follow you but I do now!
    Truly Bookish

  5. Great Interview and I will add this book to my Never Ending To Be Read Pile..LOL

    OnceUponATwilight - Reviewer :)

  6. Great interview! I really like the questions you chose (especially, well, the chocolate one). I have a chocolate drawer in my home as well, although it's usually empty, no matter how often I fill it. Lol.

  7. Great interview! Thanks for the giveaway.
    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/artdem83/status/97048343695470592

  8. Great interview and I love your site!

    Link for tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/AtR81/status/98105398623600640


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