21 June 2011

{Book Review} Oubliette

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The Cloud Prophet Trilogy Book 2
Author: Megg Jensen
Pages: 222
Format: eARC
Release Date: June 20, 2011
Rating: 5 Birds

Reychel thought she was finally free. She was wrong.
Everyone saw her gift of prophecy as a blessing, but her gift is uncontrollable. No one alive can teach her to manipulate her unique gift and the answers she needs lie buried within a madman’s journals.
She’s thrust in the midst of a brewing war and the only uniting factor for her people is their belief in the Prophet. Will Reychel learn to control her gift or will she be forced to deliver a false prophecy that could lead her people into a violent, unwinnable war?

I am so thrilled to be apart of this Blog Tour for Oubliette!

Oubliette delivers the same suspense, intrigue and beautiful imagery that Anathema did and that I have grown to expect from Megg Jensen.

More then once, well okay more then twice…no wait….okay at least 3 times I was tossed a curve ball while reading that made me scoot to the edge of the couch, face 2 inches from my Nook saying “Nooooo?” with a a hint of shock and awe dripping from the word.

The ending, well Miss Megg Jensen, be happy you live several hours away. I honestly turned the page expecting more and was floored to find out I was left hanging until the final book in the trilogy comes out. It left me with just enough curiosity clawing away at my brain to make Megg Jensen happy (the evil mastermind she is!) and feel she’s done her job sufficiently *wink* Always leave them wanting more! And she has!

Oubliette gets 5 birds from Me, My Shelf and I and I can not wait to finish off the Trilogy, though I have to say that saying good bye to this magical land Jensen created will be difficult.

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  1. ohhhhhhhhhh. I LOVED Anathema and just purchased my copy of Oubliette. SOOOOO excited. Thanks for the boost. ;)

  2. YES!! That's how it was for me. I was reading along. . .minding my OWN business just deep in reading, when all of the sudden the words STOPPED coming. I seriously, went back a few pages and then forward a few pages (thinking this has to be a joke). Now, I sit . . waiting, . . Ms. Jensen, is it fall yet?


  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog today for the mid-summer giveaway hop! I love your blog name and layout. I'm always excited when I find new YA blogs to read :)

    I added you on GFC & to my google reader.
    I'll post your blog link under my blogs I love section.

  4. Yay! I am excited that you liked the book! I have been holding off reading it until this weekend since my tour date is in a week...but I am getting excited to read it!


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