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{Author Interview} Tessa Gratton

It’s a honor to have Tessa on the blog today!
Check out my review of Blood Magic HERE


Tessa, thanks for being here today and doing an interview for my readers! I’m thrilled to have you on the blog!

I just finished Blood Magic and I loved it! Silla is such a dynamic , well written character and I notice that you share a love for acting with her, which your fans can see played out in your Tessa Does Shakespeare videos on You Tube (will link) – do you and Silla share any other traits?

Well, obviously we’re both blood witches. But besides that, I’d say we’re most strongly linked by our love of Shakespeare and theater – I don’t enjoy a lot of the things she does, like cleaning for example. Shudder

Blood Magic takes place in a small town called Yaleylah Missouri; does this town hold any special meaning to you? How did it come to be where the book was set?

I invented it to be similar to many of the southern Missouri towns I drive through near the Ozarks and east near the Trial of Tears park. The land is very mysterious, and I wanted a place that had a touch of southern Gothic to it, but also basic practicality. I knew from the beginning Blood Magic needed to be in a small town.

I was fortunate enough to attend KidLitCon 2010 where you and your critique partners, Maggie Stiefvater and Brenna Yovanoff did a lecture called “If I wanted Unconditional Love, I’d call my mother” where you talked about the importance of a critique partner. For those that are unaware of how your critique group works and the importance of it, can you briefly describe it for us?

The three of us met more than three years ago, and we basically talk almost every day, share our work, brainstorm, and hang out as friends. I trust Brenna and Maggie to tell me when what I’m doing is just NOT WORKING, and need them for perspective when I don’t seem to have it myself because I’m too close to the work. We started Merry Fates, our short story blog three years ago almost exactly, publishing free short stories on line as a way to challenge ourselves and improve our writing skills.

Blood Magic just dropped on May 24th, how did you celebrate? Any pub day gifts or appearance of a crow tattoo possibly?

The crow tattoo happened last November! On the 24th, I relaxed at home, blood magicdidn’t do anything huge, and drank some champagne with a couple of close friends. It was very laid back and pleasant.

What would you say was the part you struggled with the most when writing Blood Magic?

Well, the real answer I can’t tell you because it’s hugely spoilery, so what I will say is that it was a long, hard slog to keep making the mystery as layered and interwoven and tense as I could. Every draft I focused on that a while.

What do you do to kick back when you’re not writing bloody stories for the masses?

I watch TV. Especially I enjoy streaming TV series through my Wii. Like Criminal Minds, Community, Bones – those kind of things. I tend to hop between drama and comedy.

Let us know what you’re working on currently:

A series! But it’s a total secret! Sorry, but that’s just how it works in this business. I can’t say anything about it.

Tessa, thanks again for stopping in and since no author has made it through an interview with MMSAI without having to answer one wacky question, I give you yours:

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you? And what would the movie be called?

It would be called “Guts of a Writer” and an unknown would have to play me, so that this movie could launch her career!

You can Find Tessa Gratton and her works:

amber copy

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  1. Great interview. I have to admit you all have me VERY intrigued by Blood Magic. Definitely on my to buy list.


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