20 June 2011

{Author Interview} Laura Goode

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As you all may recall, I reviewed Sister Mischief not too long back and now I’m really excited to be bringing you an interview with the author, Laura Goode!

Meet Laura GoodeMeet Laura Goode!

What was the biggest thing that led you to sitting down, and writing Sister Mischief?

My love for young people, and my frustration with the lack of strong literary role models for young women of all different cultural backgrounds and sexual identities.

Before actually becoming Sister Mischief, did the novel have a different title as a WIP, or was it always straight out "Sister Mischief"?

I originally wanted to call it "Glamourpuss," but my best friend, who is way smarter than I am, talked me out of it. It was actually her who came up with Sister Mischief. Thanks, Rae!

You grew up in Minnesota, was that the biggest factor in deciding the setting for the novel?

Yes. I love the Twin Cities, and wanted to celebrate Minnesota with my first novel; it's the cauldron in which my whole love of literature was fired. I also had a very dear friend from childhood pass away suddenly in 2007, and I think his death pointed me toward home and forced me to be honest with myself about the depth of my relationship with it in a way I wasn't brave enough to do before.

You're extremely straight forward in your writing, not just in the novel, but also in the works on your website - Do you find it fits better/is more beneficial to how people perceive you, or does that stem from the way you were raised? (I completely admire that characteristic in you and wish I could be more straightforward, I'm just curious.)

Ha! You might call me blunt to a fault. I prize the ability to communicate clearly and directly about even the hardest, most uncomfortable things above all others, so 51meAatPhGLI'm honored that you think I'm straightforward. And yes, I do think it also stems from the way I was raised--my mother tells it like it is more than anyone I know. I think teens, especially, deserve more direct, honest communication about the issues that trouble them--sex, identity, becoming.

Self acclaimed feminist and unicorn master - what has your biggest adventure been in having both of those qualities?

Feminism is certainly a driving force in my ideology, life, and work. I think one of the biggest feminist adventures I've ever had was co-chairing the Columbia/Barnard delegation to the March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C. in 2004. My planning partner and I coordinated over 300 students, professors, and others to go to D.C. and stand up for a woman's right to choose. I'm proud of that, and I'll remember that experience forever. As for my mastery of unicorns--like many of my best ideas, it was pilfered from a close poet friend, who told me that was his ideal job. Poets are entrusted with defending the magic in all things, I think.

Are you more attuned to Hip-Hop now that you've written this novel?

Definitely. I've always loved hip-hop, but in order to create my heroines' encyclopedic love of the genre, I did tons of research. Pandora is an incredible engine for discovering new music and broadening your range of listening. As a poet, too, I revere the language of rap--rhythm and poetry--and would argue that it's one of the most important poetic movements of the 20th century.

And lastly, everyone needs a funny question, so - If you had a kangaroo, what would you name it?


Remember Sister Mischief drops July 12th from Candlewick Press

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