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{Guest Post} Heather Hildenbrand + giveaway

Earlier this week I did a review of Dirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand. Well now I am honored enough to not only have her offering a free eCopy of Dirty Blood (via but that she also agreed to do a guest post for us!

This is my first guest post, as my frequent readers will notice so hopefully we do it right! I’m going to introduce you formally then hand over the pen (or keyboard as it were) to Heather!

Meet Heather Hildenbrand

Our Guest Poster for the day


On my process, and inside jokes...

Authors frequently get asked about what music they write to, or what songs inspire a story. Or, more specifically, what music do you use in your writing process?

Here's the thing about me. My process involves a lot of silence. Hours of it, really. Let's back up a minute. You have to understand, both of my kids started school this year. Full day. I drop them off by 8am and I don't have to leave my perch on the couch (my office, if you will) to get them until 2pm. And even now, over halfway through the school year, I'm nowhere near taking it for granted. Okay, stop judging. I love my kids more than anything, but I love them MORE when I get a chance to miss them. And when they're here, our house is not quiet. They love to wrestle with each other, even though it always ends in tears, and they love playing their DS while watching a movie in surround sound, while the phone is ringing, and they're bickering with each other. So when I sit down to write I'm way too busy enjoying the blessed, inspiring silence of my house to want to put any noise (I mean, music) on.

Don't get me wrong, I love music. My MP3 is currently sitting in its little docking station, on my fireplace mantle, right next to the corner of the couch that I sit on, whenever I'm working; it's plugged in and ready to go. I just rarely even think of turning it on. For those of you who like to beat a dead horse, I'll go ahead and answer the question. "But, what is on your MP3?" It's a funny mix, really. I've got Kings of Leon, The Fray, Paramore and Blue October. Then I've got some old school Oasis, Matchbox Twenty (the album with 'Push' on it) and possible even some Skee-lo ("I wish I was a little bit taller..."). Then there's some Alicia Keyes, andt160279to1z some Gavin Rossdale, and maybe even some TLC, yeah the old stuff. Oh and I can't forget the Newsies soundtrack. ("That's my cigar, you'll steal another, hey bummers we got work to do...") Favorite movie, ever. I was Christian Bale's original number one fan, and he's still my secret boyfriend. Satisfied? I told you it was a funny mix.

Okay, so back to the silence. Like I said, the main reason is just to appreciate it. The second reason is this: When I write a story, I get so caught up in it, become such a part of the world that I've created, that I usually end up tuning the music out anyway. I forget all about the song, the fact that I'm sitting on my couch in my PJ's, whether it's raining or sunny out, and I just write. I've actually had to train myself to glance up at the clock at regular intervals to make sure I'm not late picking up the kiddos. Yes, I learned that lesson the hard way.

There is one time throughout my process that I've found music to be immensely helpful, and that is plotting. Mostly because without music, I feel like a delusional lunatic, because when I plot, all I do is sit on the couch with a notebook in my lap and stare off into space whilst tapping a pen against my chin. So, if the hubby were to come home early, it might look kind of creepy, in a vacant-eye sort of way, without the excuse of, "oh, I'm just listening to music." Also, those are the times that the lyrics actually reach my ears, and help me form ideas. My character, Wes, from Dirty Blood was inspired by "Hey Jude", by the Beatles. Specifically, the version from the movie Across the Universe. Awesome movie. I love the Blue People, they're just... blue! (Can you tell I 2x2 plungerhave a thing for musicals?)

So… now that you know all of this about me, you will be able to read any future interviews I do and laugh when they ask me what music helps me write. It'll be our private joke.

Oh and plungers. That's an inside joke, too. But if you want to know the details on that one, read Dirty Blood. And then email me that you LOL'd.

So, don’t you just love Heather?! I do too! I squealed like a dorky fan girl when I read the part about Newsies, because I love that movie and am sad to say I do not own the soundtrack…..yet. I feel a trip to the store coming up soon.

How would you like to win an eCopy of Dirty Blood by Heather?
I thought so!

Find Heather online:

Please Note: this giveaway is for a eCopy NOT a physical copy of the book. You will receive a coupon good for one copy of Dirty Blood. The coupon is exclusive for the that book and will not work on anything thing else.

YOU MUST BE 13 or older to enter, please review our contest rules located on our Contests & Giveaways page


  1. Yay!! Ever since your review I keep thinking about this one!!

  2. I have two in school and two at home an I can't wait till they are all in school. And I don't feel bad about it. Even with the two at home, I still set an alarm for before the bus comes!

  3. Great post! Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Sounds like a great book I have this on my wishlist. Awesome guest post and I love the Newsies!

  5. hi Amber!

    thanks for your email and for hosting the giveaway. i'm glad to have won an ecopy of Heather's book! i look forward to receiving a copy of Dirty Blood soon! c",)


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