06 May 2011

{Book Review} Two For The Dough

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I am home! I know you were all desperately waiting for my arrival home. *wink*

There was a terrible mishap before I left which left me Nook-less on my 1 week vacation in the sun. I was horrified. I did pick up a paper book in the airport, but it was a terrible experience because everything I NEEDED to read wasn’t released yet, and everything I WANTED to read I already owned on my Nook and had to spend money on again! And no, borrowing wasn't an option at this point – there was no time.

The lucky book that was picked for my trip from the book store near my gate at the Minneapolis airport was:


Two For The Dough
A Stephanie Plum Novel
Author: Janet Evanovich
Format: Paperback
Published: February 5th 2004
Pages: 304
Genre: Adult Fiction
Rating: 5 Birds

Now generally here I would highlight the blurb ablout the book from Goodreads.com, however. It stinks. So I’m not going to . It makes it sound like your typical crime novel when it’s actually part two of a 17(?) book series that is funnier than anything you will ever read. I can not represent these books this way!

Fact of the matter, I laughed, out loud, so hard a lot of the time I got weird looks from people lounging on the beach near me. Grandma Mazur alone should have her own spin off, and I hope that when I’m 80-something I am just like her. They are currently making a movie out of book one, One For The Money (YAY!) and the cast line up is perfect, exactly what I was picturing while reading!

Okay so back to the book, we pick up where we left off from book one. Stephanie Plum is still a bounty hunter, still sometimes working with, sometimes fighting back the urge to kill Joe Morelli. And this time around is trying to find some missing caskets, military grade weapons and a wacko names Kenny Mancuso.

SEE! I bet if you just read that you’d be like “Uh, I’m totally not reading those” I promise you, if you don’t you are missing out. These are the funniest, fastest reads I’ve ever got my hands on. Now I just need to squeeze the 3rd one into my stack of TBR so I can see what happens next!

End rating: 5 Birds, of course!



  1. I SO love this series! I love that these books make me really laugh out loud! They are fantastic!

  2. Everybody has great things to say about the Stephenie Plum series. I'll have to read this books soon.

  3. When I need a break from too much YA paranormal fantasy (and yes, there really is such a thing :0) I throw one of these books in to change it up because they are really fast reads. Check them out. I love them!


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