Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Blogger Babble} Sign On The Dotted Line


I know, I’ve talked about weather a blog should request a follow, or not for contests. We’ve been over the pros and cons and I have noticed that my numbers have stayed growing at the same rate regardless of the required follow or not…(still doesn’t mean I may not go back you requiring, just saying) This rant is not about that….completely.

Today there is a Splash into Summer Hop going on, and I actually do like these hops, and really admire I’m a Reader Not a Writer who starts the majority of them. I love seeing blogs I may otherwise not find just popping about the WWW. I have been to, enjoyed and followed just because I wanted to, dozens of blogs today. And, entering for some cool prizes is a bonus too. But not all blogs I followed did I enter a contest at, and vice versa.

The one thing that is driving me freakishly insane at the moment, the muse behind my rant right now, is these bloggers who have forms SO LONG I have to scroll 2-4 times to see it all. Question after Question, did you do this? Will you do that? GAH! Really? Want my first born and the deed to my house as well?

Yes, I WILL follow your blog to enter, and I will probably even follow you on Twitter weather you ask me to or not, because you know I love my feed full and moving and full of fun….but I will not do the other 56,876 things you ask. I am not signing up for your e-mail, I see your blogs daily in my blog role – what purpose does this serve me? The e-mail should be an option for those who don’t use blogger or RSS?. I will not, WILL NOT tweet your contest! IT’S A BLOG HOP – your blog and contest is on 300+ blogs as we speak, you get hundreds of hits a day simply because of this – you do not need us pimping out the contest further and clogging everyone’s feeds.

Now bloggers are asking you to not only follow, tweet and sign up for this, they as asking you sign up for their other contests, click on something on their other blog, comment on one of their posts – then leave a link. This means I have to have this blog open in two tabs so I don’t loose the…ARRRRGGGHHHH! *bangs head into wall*


Here’s my words of wisdom to help everyone out there in bloggerville hosting, or planning to host a contest…when I look at contest and decide if I’m going to enter or not, this is the rules of thumb I keep in mind….

Structure your form around your Prize.
Simply put, if you are giving away a paperback copy of “Such and Such” from 2008 that everyone has already read and owns…don’t have a six page form to fill out. Get the Name, Email, and a follow if this is how you roll. That’s IT!

If your giving away a gift card, new/pre-ordered books – maybe ask them to follow you on twitter too, but don’t require it.

If you’re giving away ipads, cars, plane tickets, diamonds, dates with the author…then ask me for everything down to my blood type, because at this point – for this kind of prize I’m willing to go above and beyond…why? THE PRIZE IS WORTH THE TIME I SPEND ENTERING.

Look, I know this is a “to each their own” thing and no matter what I say it’s not going to change anything. Just know this – I will bet a year’s worth of books that you actually lose more potential followers and entrants then you gain when you ask too much.(and this doens't include things like cute questions at the end for fun...."do you have a pet" not asking too much "mail me your first born, a cow and a left shoe" asking too much....)

*steps off of soap box feeling a little better*


  1. Great post! I totally understand. It's been trial and error for us on how we set up contests. Many times, if the author is providing the book we'll ask if they want us to run it...otherwise I do forms. The more simple the prize the less hassle the form is. I do require email, but only for contacting the winner. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So you're probably not looking for validation, but I have to say I'm with you! I started to enter a contest the other day and the entry was so complicated that halfway through I decided that it simply wasn't worth my time. I suspect a lot readers probably share your opinion! Oh, if only they gave away diamonds....

  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments.

    I think I just needed to vent. After about six of these forms, and me skipping out halfway through I was just irritated!

  4. I agree! When I do a giveaway I ask a max of three questions (usually): Name, e-mail, address. That's all that's needed!

    ComaCalm's Corner

  5. Dude I freaking love you for this! The only time I even make tweeting an EXTRA entry is if it's a personal contest (like 500 followers etc) but NEVER for a blog hop! It's just too freaking much!!! *loves to you*

  6. You are so cute :) As Kathy states in most of her bloghop emails, it's a pain in the rear having to fill out giveaway forms a mile long. Usually, I get halfway through it, then realize it's actually not worth my time and just close the tab. In other words, I just don't enter their contest. My loss, yes... but also my gain, time-wise.



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