Friday, April 8, 2011

{"Helpful" Baby Friday} 3

"Helpful" Baby Friday is a weekly meme hosted by
Indie Author SM Reine.
She started it for all us moms out there who juggle writing, reading and blogging with motherhood.

It's easy to participate -
Think back over your week and share a story of your "helpful" (generally in the sarcastic baby, - be that baby your child, your pet, your husband/boyfriend/partner, even a pet rock...Or if you just have a funny mishap...share that instead -
time to look back on the week and say HA! I MADE IT!

This week I tired to write and blog from the couch with the lap top. In the past this doesn't work because my youngest always tries to climb in my lap, see what I'm doing, lick the screen (yes...) and move the screen around. I caught her in the act while checking Leigh Fallon's site.....

It's not the most flattering shot of Little E taken with my phone, but this is what I had to deal with for 40 minutes until I gave up. "Ooooooo Booooo" she kept saying looking at the blue in the header. Well at least Miss E has good taste!

Do you have a "helpful" story to share - it's Friday let's all laugh and share the mishaps of the week.


  1. HA! Oh my goodness, look at that face! That's one my baby is getting, too. You should see him with my cell phone. He's absolutely transfixed! Of course, if I let him have it, my phone goes straight into his mouth (as with all things!).

  2. LOL! Oh too cute! I like to snag my fans early :0)



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