Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 Weeks ‘Til Blood Magic!

I know, it’s not a Wednesday, and I have already done a Waiting On Wednesday on this particular book any way, but I have to add this to my blog because I am anxiously waiting on Blood Magic, like you wouldn't believe.

Back in October, I got to meet Tessa Gratton. Now, because she had no book to sign (yet!) my incredibly smart friend Amy had the amazing idea to print off her book cover and bring them along so Tessa, who was with both Maggie Stiefvater and Brenna Yovanoff that day, also had something to sign.


(Never mind how ridiculously beautiful I look….)

I want all of you to RUN to good reads and add Blood Magic to your TBR list! My only solace is that 1 of these 4 weeks I will be waiting on this book will be spent in Mexico.


Dear Tessa, please hurry up and publish Blood Magic. Waiting is not on my list of things I am good at. (I know she has no say over this, but I had to put it out there none-the-less..hehe)

4 weeks….only 4 weeks! YAYAYAYA!

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