Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Inspiration - Autographs

Saturdays Inspiration is coming to you in the way of things I have that inspire me :0) Namely a few of my favorite book autographs.

Since I got "Mah Nookie" (remember, say that like Bill from True Blood) for Christmas my collection of physical books has significantly started to thin out. I only now buy what I want signed because I have them all on my fantastic portable library!

And since I've spent far too too much time this week writing and not reading *gasp, how dare I* I don't have any reviews for you, I thought I would show off a little. First is something I'm sure you already know I have, the books signed from The Dark Days of Supernatural tour:

And last, is something that does not belong to me but I have been lucky enough to have on my shelf for several months. I am sure my beautiful friend Liz will want this back soon, now that she's completed her move. I will be sad to see it go, but having it on my shelf even for that amount of time was still really freaking cool!!

This is a copy of Twilight, gifted to her, autographed by the cast. It's not any ordinary signing, this was obtained for her on set of the first movie, before anyone but the book lovers knew about the movie.
You can see that it was so unknown still as Kristen Stewart put her characters name under hers so no one was confused! LOL. If only she knew Bella and Edward would become household names....


  1. Ahhh that is frikkin amazing! super jealous of you signed book collection. Also jealous of the signed twilight book =]

  2. OMG!! Insanely jealous of the Twilight book!! LOL

  3. I seriously chortled when I imagined Bill saying "Nookie" hahaha

    My book collection is also starting to dwindle, makes me sad, but happy at the same time because I was starting to run out of space!


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