Friday, March 11, 2011

Helpful Baby Fridays

I have been inspired by SM Reine and her Helpful Baby Friday post. So Inspired in fact, I've decided she's created something too cute to pass up. She needed a weekly meme about it her Helpful Baby...heheh (I'm such a pusher!)

Here's the deal - post a pic of your baby (kid, baby, pet, husband, significant other) - whatever you consider your "baby" to be and tell us how helpful, or not helpful they have been while you've tried to blog/read this week.
This is meant to be fun and silly, so lets not turn it into "Rag on My Husband" meme....that's on Sundays...hhahaha (kidding!)

When yore done with your post, put a link to it in my comments and SM's and we'll have some fun! Let's see if this takes off like some of the other great memes!

Here's Mine!

I may be a blogger, but I'm a mom first and sometimes getting in the blogging isn't always easy. No matter who's here to play with, or if it's just me and Daughter #2 at home she let's me know she no longer wants me on the computer in her own special way.

My computer desk is on the back wall of or family room, blocked off with a baby gate. When she wants me I become target practice. Over this past week I have been hit with: the match box car version of Edwards C30 from Twilight, soggy goldfish, pacifier, hair clip, baby wipe (not used), Pocket Edward (must have been looking for h
is car), and a book.

Luckily, Daughter #2 throws like a girl, so I don't get hit too often. :0) So that's my goofy little story. Here's Daughter #2:


  1. Oh, she is so beautiful! Thank goodness for terrible aim!

    The meme is cute. I'm going to add it to my post right now. :D

  2. Well it's yours dear! You're the creator - I just pushed you to it...LOL. Memes are great ways to get more followers. I do one every monday-Wednesday at least.

  3. Hi, just dropping by to say thank you for popping over to my blog for Follow Friday. I'm a new follower, I hope you'll follow me back!

    Jenny @ Into The Morning Reads


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