Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Help Wanted} Co-Blogger

I have literally been staring at my screen for, oh um...hours, trying to sort out what to blog about. I spent all of last night writing (17,500 words so far, thank you very much) But I have no book to review because of that. I know I NEED to read, but I WANT to write and thus I have a conundrum.

I don't like asking for help a lot. And when I'm getting help I tend to be all perfectionist like and irritating and things like that. For instance my husband isn't allowed to touch the laundry and frequently I have to rearrange things when he unloads the dishwasher. I'm not OCD, I just like things they way I like them. It is because of this that I have to force the next words out of my mouth...

I need help with the blog.

OMG, did I make it? Have I survived? *checks and counts limbs* Phew.

It's becoming more and more obvious by the bags under my eyes and the looks from my family that I am spreading myself to thin. Apparently, super mom can not actually cook, clean, drive kids to and from school, entertain toddler, plan a birthday party, get ready for vacation, write a novel, blog about YA novels she hasn't written, host giveaways, go to book club and still be able to recognize her husband at the end of the day. Maybe if I had those Electrolux appliances like Kelly Rippa did.....

I love this blog and I won't quit. I just need someone or someone(s) to help me fill the days that I can not post a review or something relatively entertaining to read while I get through this process of banging out my novel. And also let's face it, I read like a mad woman even if I wasn't writing my own book right now I would STILL need some help.

So I'm holding Interviews for a Co-Blogger. Read what I am looking for, and fill out the simple form at the bottom if you want to be considered. This will be a real interview process, this blog is my baby and I need to be able to trust the person I am handing the extra set of keys over to.

What I'm Looking for: (if singing this like the kids do with their want ad on Mary Poppins helps, go for it!)

  • Someone with a great personality
  • Someone familiar with Blogger asnd with previous blogging experiance (will train right person if I have to, but knowing it already is a bonus)
  • Someone who can read at least 1 YA novel, if not more a week and be prepared to write a review on it.
  • A self starter, and organized person. Someone honest and trustworthy.
  • Can be a blogger from another site but reviews must be original to MMSAI, no double posting.
  • Someone with time. You don't need lots but you will need some especially in the beginning.
  • Must be 18 or older to apply.
Please do not apply in hopes of learning how to get ARCS, because I don't really know. And don't join because you want to get them...If I do get any, it's dumb luck and I use them for giveaways. But I will let you enter giveaways

If you are still interested in applying fill out the form below.
I will run this for a week or so, and then announce the people in the running. By process of elimination I will have my blog readers help me choose who helps me out. So be ready to submit something eventually for them to all read!



  1. Well grrrrr! As I have decided that I totally love you in a matter of mere days... and lets face it I do fill the quota of having a sparkling personality (complex maybe?) of course I have JUST started my own blog. Hmph. Awesome timing lady! :)

    Hope you find someone fabulous!!

  2. Okay, I'm going to apply but I do have one question: If I post a review on here of a book, can I still post a review on my blog - but if I write a completely different review? Same rating but I write about different things. So the review on here would be unique? :p

  3. Also, if not no worries, I'll just post it on here!

  4. Oh and I have to ask - there was no option for e-mail address... how would you contact people? D:

    I don't normally post this much! -sob-

  5. Good luck :)

    You're blog is adorable btw ;)

  6. it seems like a lot of people are in need of co-blogger/reviewers. haha. good luck 8)

  7. OMG! I forgot that EVERYOnE put your email in with your name/who you are. Thank you! I'll edit the form when I get home!!

  8. I'm ComaCalm, as on the form and I don't care who knows my e-mail address...
    See! You should totally hire me - I stop you making mistakes! =D

    So original. ^^

  9. I need a partnah too. Someday. I want a Minnesota partner is the only problem. I want to be able to easily share books. :/

  10. Lookise - epic avi...just saying.

    @coma you know I think that as long as there's a little difference between them it's fine. I'm sure it would be something we could sort out should it come up.

  11. I totally would help you out, but it took me ten minutes to figure out what "YA" meant. And I don't get much time to read, although I do read quickly. I'm sure you'll find someone awesome though :)

  12. @Looksie: haha. good luck. but we're book touring buds, yah! and book borrowing buds...

  13. This is exactly why I shifted and created the new blog I have now with other women. So I can still enjoy blogging without the same time commitment. Well, shoot. So far I'm spending more time, but also enjoying it so much more. Go figure.

    Love your title! Good luck!

  14. I don't know how you blogger moms do it. I commend you! I have a full-time job and blog and am exhausted, but you guys have a round-the-clock job and still manage to blog. I don't know how you do it.

    Good luck in your search for an awesome blog partner. Love your blog!


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