Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grand Opening Giveaway - Week 1

Decided to shorten this contest so the winner could pick their book and have i personalized to THEM! So the end date to enter this contest is MARCH 15th

It's time for our very first giveaway! Are you ready!?
Find More Followers Giveaway - WEEK ONE
March 10-18th
Winner Announced the 19th

Here's What You Need To Do:

Increas you chances to win by sharing us on your blog, your facebook page and post out contest to your Twitter (don't forget to add @myshelfandi so I see it)

- Contest open to US Residents Only -

Winner gets to pick the book they want from the following list:
Angelfire - Courtney Allison Moulton
Desires of the Dead - Kimbery Derting
A Touch Mortal - Leah Clifford
Hourglass - Claudia Gray
Afterlife - Claudia Gray

I will continue this contest until I am out of books! Week by Week.
You may enter every week, as long as you have not previously won this giveaway. We want to be fair and give everyone a shot!

You have until THURSDAY MARCH 15th, to enter for the first book!

Feel free to use this to help share the contest! Be sure to link back to the contest post!


  1. @Ana - Sorry I promise do some out of US giveaways once the site gets moving a little more, until then everything is coming out of my pocket and shipping is really expensive out of the country!

    Don't give up on us - we will have more contests just is just the first! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. OK, I understand, Is just the prizes are soo great =)
    I'm following your facebook page and blog. Your blog is so cute! I like the lay out and design. Congrats!

  3. Awesome contest. I just noticed you're from MN too! Wow. It is always nice to find bloggers that live near you. I'm a new follower XD

    Mariya @ Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

  4. What a great contest - just need to upsticks and move to the USA.
    On the basis that I love books and your blog I've become a new follower anyway :)
    Warm wishes froma wet UK
    Carol from

  5. @Facing50 - I do promise to do international giveaways soon! Thank you so much for the follow! I'm very glad to have you here! :0) Maybe I'll move about that. Whole family is from there anyway....may as well!

  6. Thank you so much what a great giveaway! You have a very nice site congrats hope you get lots of followers :)

  7. I live in mexico but in the border with the us, and i have and adreess in us can i enter?

  8. Ronyka absolutely! As long as the address is with in the US, please enter!

  9. would love to enter but I'm in New Zealand =[.....oh well, great blog though =]

  10. Thanks so much! I'm a follower via GFC, FB & Twitter.

    Stop by my blog sometime. I love new friends and have giveaways a lot also. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. new GFC follower! love the blog and i'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff! great giveaway!!

    follow me?!


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