Sunday, March 13, 2011

{Cover Reveal} Meant To Be - Tiffany King

Tiffany King is soon to be a self published YA author of a great book (well from the bits I've read off her web site) called Meant To Be. You can read some snip it's HERE .

Today is a big day for the amazing Tiffany King, it's the COVER REVEAL!!! Squeee! And here it is. (Tah Dah!)

The art is by Brittany M. King hand drawn! Check out that background detail for crying out loud!!!

Congrats Tiffany, can't wait to read the book!


  1. Awesome cover! Can't wait to read the goods on the inside. :)

    Thanks for posting, Amber.

  2. Love it! Lots of blessings to you for a successful run!

  3. I'm loving this book cover, it's so beautiful. I cannot wait to read this novel. I'm a new blog follower by the way.

  4. Beautiful, can't wait for the release!


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