Monday, March 21, 2011

{Book Review} Two Lives, One Diary

Two Lives, One Diary
a self-pub novella
Author: JM Array
Format: ePub on Nook
Pages: 60 on Nook
Published: November 26, 2010
Rating: 2 Birds

JM Array is a self published author from Puerto Rico who recently made Two Lives One Diary available in ePub format on the Nook and Kindle and things of that nature. He contacted me last week and asked if I would read his novella and let you all know my thoughts.
And hey, I have a book blog so it worked out ;0)

Before his 18th birthday Robert had never dreamed. As soon as he had his first dream, he realized that his dream world was similar yet different to his own world. He decided to record everything to keep track of what was going on. Before he realized it he had one simple diary, yet he was living two lives.

My first thought on this novella was that it had a great idea behind it. The idea of never dreaming, then when you do being able to live with in that dream and have it be everything you could dream of was amazing and, as far as what I had read in the past, never been done before.

I felt that JM has sold himself short on making this just a novella, and that he may have published it a little too early. With a little more editing, adding more descriptions and building his characters more would lead, very possibly to not just a full blown novel but a possibly trilogy.

What I felt the book lacked was firstly, character structure. I wanted to know more about Robert, I wanted to be able to really be him. This is difficult when I don't even know what he looks like, or what anyone else in the book looks like other then what gender they are or that they are 'pretty'.

Also, tragic yet highly interesting things happen through out and I craved more explanation, more detail, basically just....more. Do you see what I mean how this could have been a novel instead of a novella just with the addition of a few key things?

Some things I think may have been lost in a little bit of translation, in regards to launguage used by teachers, kids, teenagers and such . Maybe him being from Puerto Rico, and my being from Minnesota left a gap in the phrasing even if we both speak English. Some things didn't roll of the tongue or sound much like they should be coming out of a teenagers mouth, or didn't make sense at all.

This story has amazing potential. Maybe the next novella by JM will be a full blown novel! I really think he's got it in him!

I'm giving the book a 2 birds because the potential is there but it was lacking with descriptions and the characters needed to be more solidly built. I need to be able to get into the world the author is trying to put me in.

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