Monday, February 28, 2011

Maggie Stiefvater Spring Cleaning Giveaway

I'm a lame ass and this actually closes at 9 am TOMORROW morning - and I wouldn't even pass it on if I didn't think it woulnd't help my wee wee (ha! *giggle snort* I said wee wee, damn it's late...stupid beer! I mean no beer has effected my abil-er-matiy to type!) chances of wining....when really - asking all of you, my faithful 20 followers - decreases my chances even more so....*scratched head*

Okay that's too much thinking, Just enter the damn contest. And tell Maggie I sent you, she'll drive Lokki to your house and hug you if you do.

Gaze upon the swag I will...erm...YOU CAN possibly win.
And this is just one of three piles!

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