07 February 2011

Let The Right One In - Book #25

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472 pages, 6 point font.

My eyes hurt more from reading this, the looking at "Mah Nookie" (nook color) for hours.

First things first, Thank you John Ajvide Lindqvist for redeeming Swedish writers for me. I enjoyed this book, it wasn't "wordy" and overly descriptive like some peoples books *cough cough Steig Larsson*

I put this book off until my husband came home from a business trip because everyone said it was "chilling" and "scary" and you know what....they must have read a different book. LOL. Sorry about it, but it wasn't scary in the slightest. A bit disturbing from time to time and an awesome twist on the Vampire folk lore but scary...nope. The movie I can see could be, add some music and suspense and it will be down right terrifying. The movie will now be next on my list of things to watch, it's tradition. Read the book then watch the movie. Compare and complain *wink*

In the end, it was a lot of book. A good book. Honestly I would simply suggest you watch the movie unless you are one of those types that have to read it before you can watch it. I'm just going with "Good" though. I wanted to be terrified, and I wasn't. 3 Birds it is for you, maybe a 3.5. I hate that I keep feeling like I need to explain my score better - I feel like I am being harsh, I just wasn't knocked off my feet.


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