01 February 2011

Flutter - Amanda Hocking

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Flutter, the 3rd installment in the My Blood Approves series by Amanda Hocking, does not disappoint! I am really liking the Vampire world she has created! I know you're probably like "It's a vampire book, how could it be any different then all the others" - well like Stephanie Meyer makes her's sparkle, Amanda Hocking allows her to have a beating heart and leans more to the side of vampireism as being a disease instead of something that turns you into a creature that disintegrates in the sun, or breaks apart like stone. I promise this vampire series has some twists you wouldn't expect.

So lets get a run down here of whats happening in this book. Alice is turned, so is Milo (obviously, that's not new) Peter has taken off and Alice and Ezra have to go find him and bring him back. Some unfortunate things happen while they are out looking for him. Mae wants to turn a child, and at least 5 times I was heard to be yelling "OMG sleep with him already!" about Alice and Jack. Weather or not the finally do the deed, you'll have to read the book to find out.

That's my cliff notes version, I'm not giving you anymore info, you can find it out on your own :0)
Get the book on a ny reading device or on Amazon HERE

She gets a 4 Bird rating :0)


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