Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book to TV - Another Series lands on the Tube

I just stumbled across some info on Hollywood Reporter page that said The Lying Game by Sara Shepard will become a TV series and join the line up next to Pretty Little Liars - also a book series by her.

My question is this: How? I get the filming, casting, editing portion - but most books turned into a tv show have a few more books the TWO in the series?? True Blood - 10 books, Pretty Little Liars has 8 released and up to #12 listed as Untitled. The Vampire Diaries has at least 4. There, as far as I can sort out, is not even a third book in the making for The Lying Game....

So, okay is this is, just the 2 because if thats the case they aren't really hoping for a long run on TV then, eh? Why go to all that trouble to make a show and put money into it, to cancel FOR SURE 2 years later. And that's if they use one whole book for one whole season - and sometimes with these YA's, while I love them, that can be a stretch! I know True Blood was doing a book a season but they had enough content per book to make that work. I've never read the other to aforementioned books so I can't tell you how they are doing it.

What are your thoughts on this series becoming a TV show? The Lying Game is a few books down my list to read so I don't even really know if I like it enough to watch it...all I can say (and this from the vampire lover) THANK GOD IT'S NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE SHOW!

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