28 February 2011

Book #34 Bumped

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Title: Bumped
Format: ARC
Pages: 244 (digital version)
Source: After reading blurb, I HAD to review this book.
Rating: 4 Birds

I have to start this review carefully, because I want to be fully honest with you that when I read the blurb for this book on Good Reads my very first thought was "I'm mortified, who would write something like this". Basically I think I felt this was because I was a pregnant teen, and the world McCafferty presents would be my worst nightmare.

Then I was presented the opportunity to read an advanced copy of it, and decided that I shouldn't judge so quickly, this book deserved a fair shake. (after all the cover is quite intriguing in itself...I'm a shameless cover snob I know) I am really happy I didn't let the blurb scare me away.

The basics of this story are that we are in 2035, a virus has spread throughout the world causing an inability to reproduce for anyone over the age of 18. Because of this, 13-18 year olds are contracted to have kids in order to save the human race, and those that are not "good enough" genetically (too short, test scores not great...) auction off their "deliveries" after they are born.

In the story we follow Melody and Harmony, identical twin sisters who have found each other after 16 years, in alternating perspectives through out. One is the groomed, rich, overachiever who is ready to "bump" with who ever is chosen for her by the people who contracted her for her "egg". The other is a Bible Thumper, raised on a secluded church run plantation of sorts.

In my opinion the first half of the book is nothing compared to the last. I felt, especially in the first dozen chapters that I wasn't getting any explanation for things such as what the abbreviated diseases stood for, what the made up slang words being used meant and so forth. Also a lot of the made up words were giggle worthy and sounded very "Valley Girl". While I fully grasp where the author was trying to go, I feel that for me this took it down a few extra maturity points.

At page 123; however, my perspective took on a whole new direction. A curve ball flys at you and then The. Game. Is. On. This story rolls out evenly and becomes quite a page turner. I found my self laughing a lot even though you may not think this book has humor - you have been corrected - it does. I have even taken some of the more colorful words used in the last half and stored them in my personal vocab stash (Hello - Cock Jockey, Spermjacked, and The phrase "Holy piss on a stick")

When the ending happens upon you, straight out of no where might I add, you are left checking good reads to find this is the first in a series. And I sure as hell bet there will be a longer then 9 month wait for the delivery of Bumped 2. What do you think it will be called? ReBumped, Still Bumping, or maybe Double Bump? Great, now for the rest of the night possible goofy sequel titles will be running through my head...be prepared there may be a WHOLE blog tomorrow full of them.

So to wrap up, here's where I get heavy (hey! it's a serious topic approached in this book and there's only so much goofiness I can bring in to this entry ok!?): My overall take on the book was: It was far better then the blurb lead me to believe it would be. The concept behind this story is great, literally a never-been-done-before kind of topic and I applaud McCafferty for going out on this limb and writing it. I feel it's a fairly mature topic and that maybe the world (or let's face it, the US) may not be ready for this type of thing. I just hope the world gives it a chance before judging, much like I almost did.

The whole world can check it out, March 26th 2011.

A 4 Bird score awarded to Bumped. Please mind the timer while you deliver you acceptance speech, and exit stage left when completed. The hunky Cock Jocky will show you the way (had to get in a little more giggle *snort*)


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