27 February 2011

Book #33 Angelfire

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Title: Angelfire
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 464 (hardcover)
Source: Meeting author in March, and want to be prepared.
Rating: 5 Birds

Let me start off by saying that this is a fine example of "Don't judge a book by it's cover" - because while the cover has a lot to do with the story....sorry it's just...blah and lame and kinda strikes me as romance novel cover (where's Fabio?) with all the fog and smoke. However, I freaking loved the book so I'm super glad I didn't just pass this one up! In all honesty, while the cover fits the story - if this is supposed to be Ellie, the main charter - they shouldn't have made her look like she was in her late 20's early 30's. because the last thing this girl looks is still in high school.

Quick plot line run down: Ellie is 17, she is the reincarnated soul of a bad ass demon killer called a Preliator. She fights alongside her Guardian, Will who has the power to give her back her abilities everytime she turns 17. He's fought with her for 500 years, they are bonded together. Yeah, so she's one old soul. Cue demons, welcome Angles, fighting ensues....fun is had by all.

Onto my thoughts of the book: Ohmyfreakingosh I looooooved it!!! <--- notice="" the="" extra="" 'o's="" and="" over="" punctuation...yea="" it's="" serious.="" can="" i="" just="" stand="" up="" and="" clap="" while="" screaming="" -="" "yippie="" for="" the="" sword="" wielding,="" ass="" kicking="" main="" character",="" ellie.="" it="" makes="" me="" proud="" to="" have="" a="" daughter="" by="" the="" same="" name.="" this="" book="" is="" so="" packed,="" and="" has="" the="" funniest="" dialog="" in="" some="" parts,="" moulton="" really="" manages="" to="" effortlessly="" merge="" the="" world="" of="" bad="" ass="" monster="" fighter="" and="" typical="" 17="" year="" old="" girl.="" i="" know="" right,="" i="" wouldn't="" have="" believed="" it="" myself="" if="" i="" hadn't="" read="" it="" with="" my="" own="" two="" eyes.="">

All the characters are really solidly built, and by solidly I mean dayum Will. Hey, don't judge 'til you read it, this one had me going "Edward Cullen, who?".

There's some mystery with her dad that doesn't really get resolved during this book - but I'm hoping that's because there's some sequels in the making....(note to self, add that to list of questions for Courtney when you meet her) and the ending is straight out of a movie! The words "roll credits" seriously went through my head as I finished the last sentence.

Angelfire has easily moved onto my Highly Recommended list on Good Reads, I will shamelessly try to make everyone I talk to over the next few weeks read it and I can't wait to find out if there will be more of these!!! I feel sorry for whatever I read next....you don't want to follow this act!


A few Favorite Quotes from the book:

"I have a ninja sitting shotgun, of course I'm tense" - Ellie

"I like your mask:, my mouth blabbed stupidly. I wanted to slap my lips off. I like your mask?!" - Ellie

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