26 February 2011

Book #32 Delirium

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Title: Delirium
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 441 (hardcover)
Source: Giving Lauren Oliver another chance since I wasn't a huge fan of her last book "Before I Fall"
Rating: 3 Birds

I really wanted this book knock me off my feet and suck me in. To take me to a meticulously created and described dystopian society and really prove to me that they thought love was a disease. I wanted to like Lauren Oliver. God how I wanted to like this book....

After reading this, I can honestly say - the book didn't knock me off my feet, and I'm still really not sure if I like Lauren Oliver. Cast me out and stone me, I don't care I'm just being honest.

There were a lot of things with this book that irked me, the fist and most important being it didn't grab me until literally half way through the book. It wasn't until then that I felt I needed to keep reading.

Also, and equally as important, until this mid way point the main character seemed to have a perpetual case of PMS. Her mood swings were giving me whip lash. I happy, now I'm angry for no reason and I'm going to say so. I'm tough, I'm scared, I'm tough....ugh....I needed a red bull to keep up. And while you may argue this is a great representation of a 17 year old, I disagree and say it's more like a 13 year old. Very immature for the age trying to be portrayed, and if there is one thing I hate, it's whiny, annoying, wimpy, immature main characters.

Also on the top of my list of things that didn't add up in this novel - this is supposed to be a dystopian society, right? Well this was one created on the very cusp of the definition. You will honestly forget where you are in this book and think you're in modern day times where everything is fine because of all the things she crosses over with no explanation. You want examples? My pleasure:

At one point she describes something as "...too sticky and clingy, like a Jolly Rancher that has been left too long in a hot pocket" so what you're telling me is, half the town doesn't use lights because they can't afford the electric bill but we still have Jolly Rancher factories?

Also, dystopian is supposed to government controlled for the most part and this is, but it's like the government was only a part of some things. For instance, they control Matches and marriage down to the number of kids you are allowed to have. They even tell you you will make x amount of dollars every year when you marry so and so. Yet, there is still a distinct Rich and Poor set of people??? A significant difference not like one gets more food rations, and has a slightly bigger home and maybe nicer clothes....like "We live in a shack and they live in a literal mansion with crystal chandeliers and servants" ???

Maybe my examples are lame, but I truly think Lauren Oliver forgot what and when she was writing...I feel thrown between modern day and this society she "created" through out the books. Pick a setting and stick with it. Please.

So for this I give 3 birds, and say "I really like the cover" - will I read any more Laurn Oliver?Well if I do it won't be on the top of my list. The only reason this book got a 3 off me in the first place is because the last 1/4 of it was good - how I wish the whole thing could have been.


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