25 February 2011

Book #31 Desires of the Dead

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Title: Desires of the Dead
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 368
Source: Been waiting since I read the first book for this to come out.
Rating: 4.5 Birds

Desires of the Dead faired a little worse then it's predecessor The Body Finder, which I literally threw a 5 Birds score at. Book 2 is definitely good, has a great plot with a good twist, though I have to admit a slight bit predictable at parts.

Warning this review will be a bit spoler-y especially for the 1st book if you've not yet read it....trust me you want to read the book before this! I mean, I know my writing is Uh-MAZE-ing but, seriously...

DOTD (Desires of the Dead) starts off about 6 months after the end of TBF (The Body Finder) Violet and Jay are still together and going strong. Now instead of you wanting them realizing they both love each other and they should be together, your gripping the pages going - "Would you just DO IT already". Not that I am an advocate for pre-marital sex, I think it's irresponsible and......HAHAHAH! Who am I kidding, that's where 2 of my 3 kids came from - but still I can advocate it for fictional romances!! So to clear that up, I don't think it's a great idea because of what happened to me (and yes it could happen to you no matter how careful you are being...trust me) but I can't stop it, so there you are. Speech. Over.

Back to the book, Violet has a stalker in this book, and several times through out you get to read things from the stalkers point of view. It's not a creepy burly man, it's clear it's a girl and this person is jealous of her relationship with Jay. So that could be, what...the whole school? Nah, don't get your hopes up, they all but give you the name straight off. All in all the switching perspective thing works, as it did in book one with the killers voice that time - at least with book one you really had NO CLUE who that was and the suspense was there. This is where the book lost half a bird in score....

You meet some new people and I am really excited to see where the next two installment (squee) will take us, I hope not ins some weird stupid science fiction type of place that's just hard to believe. And no, I don't find a girl that can locate dead bodies weird at all. Seriously. I also believe in Fairy's, what of it?

So my final plea - read this series, you will like it. I promise. If you don't, Violet may be finding your body somewhere in the woods...(cue creepy music)


  1. I liked TBF a bit more than DotD too :)

  2. Thank you so much for taking a minute to post! I really appreciate that you pop in!! Cheers!


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