24 February 2011

Book #30 Anna and the French Kiss

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Title: Anna and the French Kiss
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 372
Source: Rave Reviews from my friends
Rating: 5 Birds

If there is one thing I have learned, it's to listen to my friends when it comes to book reviews. (with the exception of one book they keep trying to make me read, that I can't get past the first 70 pages of - but that's a story for another day)

And my friends have been raving about this book for, what seems like forever but I'm sure really is only been a few weeks. This book was the first one I have read in awhile that I hated having to put down, always wondering what was on the next page.

It's your quintessential love story, all around. That's all it is. I want to tell you it's more, but it's not. I think that this is exactly why it's so good. There's no complex plot line of mystery, unless you consider the cat and mouse game of girl vs. guy "mystery". It is on the surface what it is in it's core - about a girls first love, and all you guys out there can lean over you barf bags now and proceed - but really this is what girls like! Crave even! I loved every page of this story, I'll recommend it til I'm blue in the face! So READ IT!! :0)

Here's the summary of the book: CAUTION - spoilers ahead: Anna's dad sends her to Paris for school, she meets a boy who is unattainable. Boy is an American raised in England (so he's got the accent *eyebrow waggle*) by his French father. Boy and Girl become best friends. Girls heart breaks because she thinks boy loves her but he's still with his girlfriend, when i reality he does love her but didn't know how to end it with the other girl. In the end love prevales and boy and girl are together. * Contented sigh*


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