21 February 2011

Book #28 I Am Number Four

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Title: I Am Number Four
Format: ePub on Mah Nookie
Pages: 440
Source: Book Club "extra credit" for March
Rating: 5 Birds

I had some hesitation about reading this book, the "author" - and I use the term loosely - from what I have read and heard is not in fact an "author". James Frey is more of a entrepreneur who hires writers to give him story bases, and ideas that can become books that will be picked up as movies. You follow all that? Now I give the man points for thinking outside of the box, but all I can think of when I hear his name is a sweat shop full of young writers, and this angry sweaty, possibly overweight man looking over the ideas they give him throwing them in the air yelling "no! Not good enough!". I know James Frey doesn't look like that - but maybe he can take that and make a book out of it....

So, back to the story itself and why I did read it. It's already a movie (which I would have gladly boycotted if they didn't put Alex Pettyfer in it as Number 4) and I always have to read the book before the movie. Also, it's a book club extra credit so unless I want to listen to an hour of my friends talking about the book I had better suck it up and read it.

The book, was great. I can tell it was written with the hopes of being picked up as a movie, it flowed like a script with out all the extra "fade in" stuff. The plot was new to me, I don't read a lot of Alien books so maybe this is why.

There are 9 kids from planet Lorien who are sent to Earth when their planets race is wiped out in war. The hope is the 9 will one day return the the planet and repopulate it. The Mogadorians, who killed off their race in the first place come to Earth looking for them, and because of a Loriac charm can only kill them in number order. The first three are dead.....John is number 4.

There's the right amount is suspense, you get some tiny cliff hangers at the end that will make you anxious for the next book in the series, but so much it will drive you crazy before it comes out. PS The Power of Six will be out on August 23 201, my 3 year wedding anniversary actually......not sure what happened to 5...maybe "Pittacus" missed the counting day in school. Either way, I will read the second in the series, I will see the movie but I will grumble under my breath about what a horrid man I think James Fray to be. That'll show em'.


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  1. I so loved this review. My family keeps asking me what I am laughing about. I had questioned whether I wanted to read this book but now I guess I just have to. If it is already a movie, I am not going to be able to wait to read it when all the books in the series are out. Sigh.


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