02 February 2011

Before I Fall

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Book #23 of the year started out with having to force myself past page 40. This was the first book by Lauren Oliver I had ever read and I was seriously considering removing her other book from my "To Read" list based solely on the first chapter of Before I Fall.

You see, I have to be able to identify with some part of a main character in order to really get into a book. Well Lauren Oliver wrote about the one thing I hate, one thing I never was and one thing I can honestly say as an adult I am happy I never was

The Popular High School Girl. *shakes out arms from the heebie jeebies*

The first chapter (and I use this term lightly because there are like 6 chapters and the book is nearly 500 pages long) are all rich girls floating around their high school, oblivious to the world around them acting like snobs and bitches and generally in a way that makes you want to kick them while wearing golf cleats. Ugh, I almost didn't make it folks I almost just put the book down and waved the white flag for the second time this year.

But then, it happened. I can honestly say a fictional car accident has never brought me more joy then thins one did. Because then the story gets amazing and we follow Sam, our main character around as she relives the last day of her life 7 times. Watch as she tried to right the wrongs, and sort out what really happened to her on the day that she dies.

This book would be an awesome after school special. Reasons not to bully, why you shouldn't drink and drive, why you should be thankful for everything you have....all things you learn in this book - I can see the preview for it on Lifetime already.

In the end Before I Fall gets a 3 and half. It was good, not too too great. It wasn't really my style but I can't take too many points off for that alone. The ending, was literally that...the end. It stops and you are left wondering what the hell? Nothings really "done" if you see what I mean. At least I felt really out in the cold about it.



  1. I hated this book. I liked it the first, maybe even second time she 'went back in time', but after that it got really old.

  2. I recommend this to anyone that wants an amazing story of high school cliques and what happens when everything falls apart. And what to do if you get that one shot at redemption.

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