23 January 2011

Stolen, A Letter To My Captor

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Stolen, A Letter to my Captor by Lucy Christopher left me with Stockholm Syndrome. No really, I'm being serious.

Stolen is a letter to her captor which Gemma writes. As such I have to admit, in a format that took me several pages to get used to. It's not like your normal book to say the least.

There's no chapters, no real characters so to speak of other then Gemma and Ty, and maybe a camel and some chickens. It was a bit like when I heard that Castaway was just going to be Tom Hanks and a volleyball for 2.5 hours....I went in with apprehension and at the end was amazed at how well it was all put together.

Why do I have Stockholm Syndrome you ask - well while the main (and only) people in this book are Gemma and her captor Ty, you get to know them, very well. Ty, the captor, is written in such a way that you know what he did was wrong by taking Gemma...but you're still feeling bad for him through out. You see this caring side of him. Don't. Judge. Me. Read this book and you will totally understand what I am talking about.

In the end this book gets a 4 bird from me, I was going to go with 3.5 but I felt that was a little unfair consider home much the ending of this book took me in. It was a great fast read (read it just today) and a refreshing break from my normal reads. Borrow it from a friend or the library, or pick it up second hand but don't rush out to buy it to read it.


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