16 January 2011

My Horizontal Life

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I'm really loving the Lend Me feature on my Nook. It's allowing me the ability to read things I otherwise wouldn't bother with. It's not that I don't like Chelsea Handler, I just don't generally do the biography thing.

I've read some, and I like them well enough for what they are - but really they are like the movie Titanic. You may not really know everything that happened at the beginning so watching it is rather interesting, but then you realize you already know the ending and suddenly mid way through your kinda like "what the hell am I doing wasting my time on this. In the case of the Titanic, the boat sinks of course...with biographies you know that the ending always is they wound up famous and happy and well enough to write a book. Shocker!

I gave this one a whirl because it was free and about her one night stands. Plus Chelsea Handler is a riot. And you know what it was really, eh.

I laughed, a lot. She's brutally honest, and swears like a sailor. She's snarky and quirky and I love HER. I just don't like reading biographies. It's unfair for me to rate this book because I think I'm judging it based on it's genre and forgetting how much it made me laugh.....but I feel that giving this anything more then 3 birds would just be a lie on my part.


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