12 January 2011


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This is the 3rd book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward, and I have to admit I showed some resistance when it was suggested to me I read them. Once I started however, I was instantly hooked.

The series is about a band of bad-ass Vampire warriors keeping the world safe from "lessers", the soulless monsters that prowl the night. Doesn't sound too interesting? No, I can see how that would be. Oh! Did I mention there's tons of sex in them? Yea, that's why the big girls read them! (can't believe I didn't mention that...silly me *wink*)

Each book is about a different brother, this one in particular about Zsadist. No. that's not a typo, each of the bothers has a bad-ass name, spelled a little differently. I thought it was annoying at first now I can't imagine it any other way. There's a great plot (admittedly when they break to go to the "lessers" I tend to skip that stuff....most of it anyway it's boring and in the first 2 book seems to have nothing to do with anything.) the banter between the brothers is both real and humorous.

The only little hiccup in this is that I'm a 31 year old mom who has a hard time admitting that she reads almost all YA fiction. So to take the leap directly into the Romance Novel/Erotica department was more of a plummet for me, and If I couldn't admit to the YA how could I own up to THIS!?

When I went to buy books 3 and 4 I acted like I was 13 year old boy trying to buy a Playboy at the gas station. Sneaking up on the book case, first trying to look at other items around it and seem disinterested in everything. Grabbing the books real fast and tucking them up under my arm so you couldn't see what I was holding. Then, while I waited in the incredibly long line (did I have to come buy these 2 days after Christmas!) and prayed to the God of skinny punks that I got a girl cashier or at least a totally clueless male. (oh thank God I got a girl and she doesn't seem to notice what I bought)
I thought I was in the clear, until she smiled sweetly and said "Have you read this series before?" (no stupid I'm buying books three and four because I like jumping in, in the middle!) She chatted about how she loved them and the 3rd in particular was her favorite, and in the end I was glad I got a BDB (Black dagger Brotherhood) fan as a cashier. Still I felt like I should repent for buying the books, and I'm not even Catholic!

In the end, this book gets 5 Stars from me - the 3rd turned out to be my favorite so far as well.


  1. I was looking into starting this series, but you pushed me over the edge to actually start it. I'm in the 6th book right now, and I'm having a bit of difficulty getting into it. Maybe I'm a bit drained from reading the first 5 books back to back to back, or if it's the story.

    So far Zsadist's and Rage's stories are tied for favorite. V's is a kind of a fav too because there were no flashes to the lessers. :)

  2. I get burnt out on a series sometimes too, especially those that have 8-10 books in them. With this series, I have to space them out, read one, then a few different books then go back.

    Number 4 in the series is some where about 9 books down my queue right now :0)

  3. I have a love/hate relationship wit these books, but this is a wonderful PNR series for any Romance fan. I only have read the first two, but I had trouble wit certain parts of the story, but otherwise I loved the couples of the story. Rhage and Mary had the most beautiful and heartbreaking love story ever and I also loved Wraith and Bella(I think that was her name).

    Just reading about you trying to sneak the books hoping nobody sees what you bought LOL

  4. You know the funny thing abut this is, I don't remember if I mentioned this in the post or not - is that I I skipped all the stuff having to do with Mr O, and X and whatever in the first 2 books. In the one with Bella and Z I read some of it.

    I guess you could say that I had trouble with some parts too....lol

  5. OMG. I know. In the first two books I had read it and ended up skipping a bit of the lesser parts torward the end and I'm like I wonder if I would've enjoyed it more if I skipped the lesser parts to begin with. I mean without the lesser parts I think I would give the other two books an extra star. I think I should re-read it again and see if I'd enjoy it more, b/c I enjoyed the couples. love wraith/beth and mary/rhage!

    I'm reading Lover Awakened now and I'm skipping the lesser parts, some of it at least, and I am enjoying this book a lot more.

    I still love Rhage though...hehe. I can't wait to read V's book, b/c I heard that it's great.


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