18 January 2011

Ink Exchange - Melissa Marr

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Let's start with the obvious - Ink Exchange is the second book in the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr.

I love series, I love hanging onto my character longer then one book and being able to live in their world. I am the first to admit I can suffer quite horribly from Post Book Trauma, or PBT. I can mope, cry, refuse to speak (husband likes this one), it can get bad....I am willing to suffer this for a great series, it's worth it.

What I don't dig, is picking up the second book in a series to find out it's not really about the people from the first book, but that they will be more of background players for this one, and you will now follow a new girl around.

I know, it's my fault for not reading the blurb on the book or on Good Reads about it, then I wouldn't be surprised at all - but it's like eating ice cream and the first 16 bites tasting like chocolate, you would expect number 17 to taste like chocolate as well. Am I right, or am I right?

All that being said, it was a pretty good. I was being distracted every 2 paragraphs near the end of the book but I managed to work through it and absorb the details. It was a fair story, Leslie is a strong character who has some real buried issues. And I liked that, no no...I loved it. She wasn't dealing with her dad leaving town and the standard family issue related crap every girl in a book has - she's got some real issues that, at least I, don't recall any girls I've read about lately having. It defines her, it makes her who she is and that carries well throughout.

It was well written but again, I'm irritated that they through a story about a "random" (girls not even mentioned in the first book) in the middle of the series - and looking at the blurb for book 3, see I learn my lessons, I realize it goes back to being about our pals form books one. I really hope the rest of the series doesn't play out like this

Book is getting 3.5 Birds from me, story was strong but the random character knocked a half a birdie off the branch....


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