14 January 2011

FATE - My Blood Approves #2

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Fate was a great second part to My Blood Approves.

The first thing I love about these books is they take place in my home state. I know this is trivial and has no real bearing on the book or the writer, but I have to say that a huge smile creeps across my face when places, streets and towns I know are broth up in the book. Makes me feel like it I go wandering around in the Cities I might run into Jack on his way to a club or Alice on her way to the laundromat.

The second thing I'm loving about his series - the characters. They are real. They react to things exactly like I would, or people I know would. I like this because I can really connect with them on a deeper level, and understand the decisions they make. I'm one of those people that really truly gets lost in a book. For the time I'm reading it, that world and those people are as real to me as my family and friends. To me, if a book can't pull me in on this level, it's not worth the paper it's printed on.

This second part to My Blood Approves will not disappoint you. In fact it's got more tension, more excitement, more lovin', and more thrills then the first one. Alice starts the book off almost immediately looking tragedy straight in the face. The decision she has to make because of it will change the future that Jack and her had planned, and then some.

Amanda Hocking does it again for me, I'm loving this Indie writer and and can't wait to get through my next 3 books so I can get going on the 3rd installment of Alice and Jack.

This books gets a 4.5 Birdies....but I don't have a 4.5 birdie photo...and that might be kinda gross and morbid so we'll call it a 4 for the sake of not mutilating a cute cartoon birdie.


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