01 January 2011


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I have to admit that I heard a lot of really bad things about this book, at one point I even took it off my to-read list. You know it';s serious when that happens...

But with the beauty of Lend-Me on "Mah Nookie" I got to read it for free, by borrowing it off a friend.

I'm sorry to all you Fallen haters out there, but this book was
good. Not "holy-freaking-crap-rocked-my-world" type stuff, there was no choir of angles singing (terrible pun intended) when I finished....unless you count the screams of my 1 year old fed up with the Nook taking over mommy time. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to part two.

The characters were well written though the main girls name; Luce, drove me nuts. It's pronounced "loose" short for Lucinda......but it just drove me batty for some weird reason and actually started to pronounce it Lucy because it more palatable to me that way.

Bits in the end, realizing who people really were, that was a bit far stretched even for a YA Supernatural read about Angels. But that's just me. I recommend this book, and am proud to say that my first book of the year isn't vampire related -yay for me - :0)

Oh! And can I just say - isn't this the most beautiful cover ever!? I love that the cover ACTUALLY has something to do with specific details of the book. Some publishing companies get it so wrong when they choose cover art - but not this one....I want to go buy that dress for myself now!!! If anyone sees it on sale, let me know kay? Cool.

I give the book a solid 4

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