02 January 2011


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So I think I can't count this book because it was only 100 pages, but I am any way. Deal.

The first paragraph pulled me in:

"LOOK," he said, cutting across yet another plea, "You're dead. You need to accept that."
"But - "
"No. Stop pretending to be alive. It's stupid. It's creepy. Now. GO. THE. HELL. AWAY."

This book is about the ghost of a girlfriend stalking and torturing her boyfriend in hilarious ways (makeup, fingernail polish.....) trying to avenge her untimely death, which she believes he caused. The cover SCREAMS pre-teen story and I honestly was expecting that when I started it. I didn't bother with the blurb about it, it was free, it was a "cute cover...need to read that" so I jumped in with both feet.

Color me suprised when I realize it is in fact a gorwn up type book that is just total silliness. I whipped through it, with company over mind you, in about 40 minutes. Hey, I had to take time to talk. Eventually, Mah Nookie was taken away and I was forced to talk to humans (GASP!)

If you have a few minutes, please find and enjoy this book. It's free on the Nook like I mentioned before, and elsewhere I would assume. Chalk full of sarcasm, wit, and comes complete with a gay couple living next door, some jail time and gun shot wounds, you can't pack more into such a little book. Plus, the shit the ghost pulls is really just priceless - it's everything you wish you could do to jerky ex and then some!

I give the book 3 stars, I liked it - didn't love it but enjoyed the escape for the time I was reading it.

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