21 January 2011

The Dead Tossed Waves

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Dead Tossed Waves is the sequel to Forrest of Hands and Teeth, by Carrie Ryan. I liked the first book, I loved the second.

Loving a book, giving it 5 birds always leaves me wondering what to say about it when I review. It's intimidating because I don't want to not do it justice, I don't wan t to give anything away because I want you to enjoy it as I did. Also, I'm cynical and funny most of the time, but when I enjoyed something this much I really can't be - with out coming across as a total bitch anyway.

If you're a frequent reader of 104 in 365, (and I hope you are) you will remember that not 2 days ago I mentioned that I really hated reading series' that changed character up through out the books. I read a series because I like the people that are in it, I've grown attached - don't throw me new main characters. It's mean. It's like being a kid and your parents moving to a new city every school year. Mean.

What does this have to do with The Dead Tossed Waves? You guessed it, new people. And this time I knew it because I read the blurb about the book months back when I read it's predicator and I was anxious to keep following the life of Mary. Why, when I hate books like this did I read it? Well because Tessa Gratton told me too by putting it on her top reads of 2010 list. And that's good enough for me. (seriously don't ask questions just look Tessa up)

Boy was I in a shocker when I realized that Mary from Forest of Hands and Teeth IS in this book. She's the mom of the main character Gabry. It's not in any of the blurbs I've read, it's not a spoiler, I can not figure out why they wouldn't tell you this?? It seriously makes a difference for a lot of people!

This is a post apocalyptic, zombie thriller with a love story tossed in for good measure. The ending leaves you going "Wha!?" you'll frantically flip the pages after it to see if you missed something. It will also send you out the day The Dark and Hallow Places comes out to buy it....(smart thinking Carrie Ryan) and before you sort it out yourself...book 3 is about other people as well, with I'm sure the ones we've already met in the back ground...sigh.

Still, I loved this book. I will be buying it for my own collection. It gets the highest honor of 5 Birds!


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  1. I agree - this was a great book! I felt the same way, disappointed at first that it was about different people (or so I thought!), and at the end I couldn't wait for book #3!!


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