04 January 2011


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*May contain minor details/spoilers - depending on how you look at it...lol

I have written this review 3 times now, and each one has basically been filled with all the reasons I was upset that Clockwork Angel wasn't The Mortal Instruments series. Which is a really shit reason not to like something fully, if you ask me. Even if she wrote both.

Cassie Clare is one of my favorite authors and The Mortal Instruments is my favorite book series (one of the two, anyway) so to read a prequel to my favorite series was in some ways really, really difficult as I kept hoping that my good 'ol favorites from the Mortal Instruments would pop up - and one or two do, but not the ones I was looking for.

Miss Clare didn't disappointed with the amazing world she created, and adventure; however, I found the main characters to be lacking in....well character. They all seemed to be the 1800's version of Isabelle, Alec, Clary and Jace (and that could be where Clare wanted to go with this, I have a feeling in a way it is but I don't know) They were seriously watered down versions of the main four from MI. I'm talking like the drinks on an all-inclusive cruise....more soda and ice then rum.....that kind of watered down.

(Warning, actual spoiler after this point!)

At points the story was predictable, very in fact. And the whole robot (aka clockwork) people was....far fetched. I know... so says the girl who reads about vampires and werewolves and believe whole heartedly in Faires. Hi Kettle, I'm Pot! Still, I kept seeing these jerky movement, squeaky robot people moving like those old security camera videos you see....I had to shove back a giggle from time to time at the sheer stupidity of it.

Yet I held on, and found that my dislike for the clockwork people was overshadowed at the end of the book by the ache it left in my heart for the next in the series. Regardless of watery characters or silly robots, the truth of the matter is I am in love with the world that Cassie Clare has made. Weather it's moder day or in the 1800's. I would read a VCR instruction manual if she wrote it.

This book still got 3 stars from me, and it's something I would suggest to others. Though I wonder if one should read this BEFORE the Mortal Instruments? Chronologically it makes sense, but what do you think? If you've read all the ones out - what do you think about reading ID before MI?


  1. I ended Clockwork Angel with the same exact feelings as you! I felt ho hum about the book, but I wanted to know more and can't wait for the next in the series. I did read Clockwork Angel before any of the MI books, and I still feel the same way you do. Maybe it's because I was able to read all of the MI books back to back, but so far the ID series seems lacking.

  2. I"ve read all the MI books but I actually liked this book better. I think the world Clare has created works really well in the historical setting and almost had a steam-punk feel. I also LOVE Will. And I like Will/Tessa better than Clary/Jace...there was always that bit of ICK factor with the possible bro/sis thing. That always creeped me out a little. Judging by my enjoyment of CA I'm thinking I"m going to like the ID series better than MI when all is said and done! All though I'm really looking forward to the new MI books coming out!

  3. i read the fist chapter at a store, and just kept walking.. i loved the MI series


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