Jan 8, 2011


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Color me shocked! The Cast duo finally (after 7 books!) wrote something that didn't make me want to dig my eye balls out with spoons and wash them in bleach.

There was moments of page turning anticipation, I was on the edge of my seat more then once, and one time....but just once I.....almost cried! And for once it wasn't from the terrible writing!

My fingers are burning even discussing this book series in such high regard. And what I say next may very well be the end of me and my credibility for ever.......I can't wait to read the next one! GASP!

My theory with these books has always been, that the good parts, that flow together, make sense and are actually good to read are written by PC, the mom. And the annoying "teen speak" jumpy bits are all Kristen. I've recently read some of Kristen's short stories and check out some of PC's other novels, and it adds up. This book, had to have been completely written by PC!

Anyway, back to the book here's a run down of my thoughts:
  • Yay for Aphrodite! If not for her through out the majority of this series and her cynical, bitchiness I would have given up all hope but she really shines in this book. I want to bottle her and memorize her snappy comebacks and keep her with me always!
  • Yo, Nerd Heard, you're not needed anymore. Please stop showing up in the books. I hate you twins and Jack....there is such a thing as being "too gay" just saying.
  • STOP using the word "poo" as in "bull poopie" and such. Following with a stronger word only makes the person saying it (and the books as a whole) seem even more juvenile. Very cringeworthy.
  • Kramisha's talk - can't you just say she speaks with a strong southern drawl? Really I felt like I needed medication and speech therapy after reading her parts...they hurt my head and I mean it. Same with the Scottish dude. Just saying.
  • Plot - double yay! It made sense, it was good, it wasn't a repeat of the first books, it was different then them all in fact and I liked it, damn near loved it.
That's it, that's all I'm saying, as you can see I loved and hated aspects of it. But I have to hate part of it, Cynical is my middle name. . I am giving this book 4 stars - as much as it pains me because of how much I hated the rest of them. If you haven't read this series, I don't suggest starting. Trudging through the first 6 to get to something that's actually good. However if you are like me and clinging to hope that eventually the Cast Duo will write something worth reading, keep hanging on because they do.


  1. I'm backtracking on your blog obviously (; and color me surprised. I had to stop reading this series after the third book. I gave up hope. It's good to know something was worth reading but sadly I'm not planning on getting back into the series just for that. =)

    1. This is one of my earlier reviews, obviously. Because I took a more "less than professional" approach and before the blog was Me, My Shelf and I - going by a different name. Once I realized that people were reading what I write I figured attacking the authors was not a good review tactic! LOL.

      The reason I red this far into a series that I couldn't stand was because I had already purchased 1-7 at the local used book store. I figured I may as well read them. Plus they took me about an hour to complete sometimes...in reality the main issue I had was:
      -I could clearly see where the writing styles ended and began, the books didn't meld together.
      -It was very drawn out, on this book we are still only 5 months after the start of the book.
      - The language "teen speak" was really had to wrap my head around. The claim to have gone to their high school students for it but it was very unbelievable and sounded forced.

      It has it's following, I just am not one of them.


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