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Le Sigh. It seems the joy I experianced reading the book before this one, was short lived. Awakened sends you right back into the utterly juvenile, barely readable drivel of the Cast Duo. Oh, you heard me...I said drivel.

For some reason the Cast Duo believes them self to be British in this book. When "speaking" as very American characters, they begin using words like "dodgy" and "fortnight". This only last through the first several chapters where they drop it entirely. Because that makes total sense. Some how I think that they believed having a Scottish character in the book allowed them the ability to toss the words HE would use, on regular ol' conversation. (and all you "uuber fans" I'm not speaking of the times when Stark is pretending to be Scottish, or when the Scottish guy is actually talking, so shove it.)

I have spent a lot of time wondering how these books are written. K tosses in her part PC tosses in here and instead of making sure they flow together they just go "Hey What the hell, we're on book 8 and they will by anything..."

Kristen Cast, the daughter, seems to want to be all "hip and totally awesome, something you and your BFF could get down to"- completely unaware she's the dorky kid everyone is laughing at because NO ONE OVER THE AGE OF 11 TALKS LIKE THIS! And PC, the experienced writer and mother, wants to bring in all the sex and love....

Take the language set of an 11 year old, throw in mature content and you get - the House of Night Series.

Before I go, a few items that truely are annoying in this particular book :

  • Dude, I know she's your BFF. It is unnecessary and really efin annoying that you refer to her as such when ever she is referenced in the book. And I don't mean "I glanced at my best friend" which could be tolerable...I mean "I glanced at me BFF" oh yes...each and every time thats how it's written (Note: neither Stevie Rae or Zoey are listed here because they both do it.)
  • The use of the word "niggling" on page 152. WHAT THE HELL?! Did one of them get word of the day toilet paper and think, "Hey that would go in my book great". You want teenagers to read this crap then you use a word that they don't know and won't look up and will most likely think is somewhat racist considering all the "down south, you-got-a-purdy-mouth" BS you toss out there. And it's not even used by Damien the "wordsmith" of the series, so we don't actually get a definition....HEY LADIES: PICK A TARGET AUDIENCE AND STICK WITH IT! For reference on the word Niggling
  • means:

    nigglingpresent participle of nig·gle (Verb)

    1. Cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety: "a nasty leg wound which still niggled at him"; "a suspicion niggled at the back of her mind".
    2. Find fault with (someone) in a petty way
  • Can someone please explain to me how you "Twitch" into a room. Forget the meaning of life, this is a phrase I have never heard before these books and can not for the life of me sort out what it means or how you do it. Though I imagine I can create some rather humours times with my friends and a bottle of wine trying to recreate what the book is trying to tell me it means....If any of you can video yourself twitching into a room, let me see it. I would love to see this confident walk played out before me once and for all.
I have officially decided that no matter how many more of these little death traps the Cast Duo writes, I will never suffer my eyes through another.

A Big ol' 2 Stars for this one....


  1. Yes you were more brutal that me for sure. I think I was very nice in my review. I did feel at times like you describe but there were parts I did enjoy a lot,

    Keep up being honest!

    Yara @ Once Upon a Twilight!

  2. Im so ticked that I actually spent 10$ on this book. SO DUMB. Im about 1/3 of the way through and I dont even want to finish it but feel I need to because I just paid for it. ugh. If there is a book 9, I will not be picking it up, let alone buying it. Love the review, hate the book

  3. I have heard that there will be 12-15 of these books....sad isn't it?

  4. not trying to be rude or anything, but if you didn't like the first what made you think the other 8 would be any better. Why would you continue reading if you obviously realize the writers way of writing wasn't to your taste! That is just common sense knocking...

  5. I had hopes it would get better. Simple as that. Each book was only a few hours read, and one of them the very much liked. Also I like PCs works and hoped more of her would come through to over shadow the part of her daughter which I didn't favor. Last, as the books are so small only reading one wasn't (as I saw it) a fair enough shake to judge them on. I always give an author a two book lead before deciding I don't enjoy their work 100%. These books together equal 2-3 books (time and content wise)

    My reviewing has become much more regulated since I started out and wasn't doing it full time. I hope you'll stop in and few some
    Of the more recent reviews as well. :0)

  6. I completely agree with you on this review. i don't rememer the previous books being this bad? K makes the teens sound like idiots and did you notice that Stevie Rae's accent sometimes dissappears alltogether? i don't know if I can continue reading this series anymore either.

    I will say that I LOVED Dragon's Oath! Why can't the rest of the books be written like that one!


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