17 January 2011

Ascend - Amanda Hocking

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*Contains Spoilers*

Ascend is the final book in the Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking. I am sad to put this series to rest, I grew quite attached to the story line and characters.

And I'm struggling with the review for this because I feel like I want to say is harsher then it needs to be. So I'm just going to come out with it and see what it sounds like. I like the book, kinda hated the ending.

I kept watching my page numbers to see how much was left, and as the climax arrived I realized there wasn't' many pages left and I wondered how the author was going to wrap things up so quickly. And the answer land right in the question - quickly. The ending made me feel really rushed, at one point I even went back to look to see if I accidentally skipped something.

You arrive at the Vittra castle, and then are leaving after Wendy completes her task of killing the king in something like 4 pages? (and this is Nook pages, so really 2 actual book pages) You knew she would succeed, that wasn't a question going in, but I needed a little more to make me think otherwise for a minute or more.

Then a page or so after that the story is just over. Done. Kaput. All the "loose ends" (which, I don't have to be an author to know that tying all those up at the end of 1 book, let alone 3 has got to be a major pain in the ass) with an epilogue 13 pages long. Everything gets tied up with a pretty bow, happily ever after and all that.

Meh. Feeling a little let down, is all I'm saying. I'm giving the book 3 Birds, I feel it was a little less then I have come to expect from Amanda Hocking, though it won't stop me from reading anything she writes in the future.


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