30 December 2010


By: Me, My Shelf and I | 30 December 2010 at 10:58 AM |
So, I'm going to attempt to read 104 books in 2011

Before any of you get all scoff "I could totally do that what's the big deal", get your attitudes in check. It's 2 books a week, and while I love to read and recently just got a Nook Color I still have 2 kids and a busy schedule so this will actually be challenging for me. I also wonder if my husband will survive through it.....lol

Now, for those of you who are still totally sure you can do it, or just want to give it a shot....join us!

In less the 48 hours I start, and I already have a few books set up to go. Fallen by Lauren Kate and the Mortal Instruments Series....which will be for the 2nd time around.....but I won't bore you with this now. That's what the whole blog is for. I'm going to recap my thoughts on all the books I read...oh don't fall asleep yet! I would like to think that my witty banter will keep you reading this blog.

And for all my friends out there - it will be SPOILER FREE. I'm not going to rewrite the blurb that comes with the book - I HATE when people do that. If I wanted to read that, I would and if I'm looking at comments about a book, chances are I know what the hell it's about because I'm interested in reading it.

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Wish me luck! :0)

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